Tokyo Girls Style – Kodo no Himitsu

Tokyo Girls Style Kodo no Himitsu

Release Date: May 4, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Intro~Kodo no Himitsu
  2. Love Like Candy Floss ~TGS Version~
  3. Himawari to Hoshikuzu
  4. Ganbatte Itsudatte Shinjiteru
  5. Sayonara, Arigatou
  6. Attack Hyper Beat POP
  7. Onnaji Kimochi
  8. Yuu Yake Hanabi
  9. Kitto Wasurenai…
  10. Kodoku no Hate ~Tsuki ga Naiteru~
  11. Kiriari (Album Mix) ~Outro~
  12. Onnaji Kimochi (Chinese Version)


Tokyo Girls Style’s long awaited debut album was released back in May. Being AVEX’s return to the young girl group fold after 7 years of inactivity there’s a lot of expectation placed upon the shoulders of the members of this group. Their singles showed strong potential for a successful run. Question is, does this album help solidify them as contenders or are they just another flash in the pan?

There’s already one thing they have that other groups don’t, and that’s the power of AVEX behind them. Although their sound may be stuck in an endless time loop between the 90’s and mid 2000’s you can’t deny that any pop production out of the AVEX camp is some slick stuff.

And it’s no different for the material on Kodo no Himitsu. The fact that they are getting songs composed with some actual thought is enough to make them stand out from typical cookie cutter, uber-cute and hyper groups around their age range. In a way they are being treated similar to Happiness, except without the whole R&B/Hip-Hop edge.

The majority of the material on this album sticks closely to up tempo dance pop. Given that these girls voices have not yet matured, it’s a solid plan of action that will cover their vocal flaws until they develop stronger singing abilities. For those who need something familiar to pin down what kinds of songs Tokyo Girls Style get, think Dance Man era Morning Musume tracks for an easy comparison.

If that is your kind of groove then you will definitely enjoy Kodo no Himitsu. Besides the singles other songs to take notice of are the title track Kodo no Himitsu, Attack Hyper Beat POP (which lives up to its name) and the mid-tempo Yuu Yake Hanabi. (which sounds quite similar to their debut single Kirari)

So do Tokyo Girls Style have what it takes to compete with other similar groups? I think so. At the moment they’re not taking anyone out but If AVEX continues to guide them in the manner they are today they should be set receive big returns in the future.

Kodo no Himitsu (Jacket A CD + PHOTOBOOK)

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Kodo no Himitsu (Jacket B CD+ DVD)

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Kodo no Himitsu (Normal Version)

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