Tokyo Girls Style – Liar/W.M.A.D.

Tokyo Girls Style Liar

Release Date: November 23, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Liar
  2. W.M.A.D.
  3. Liar (Royal Mirrorball Mix)
  4. Liar (Instrumental)
  5. W.M.A.D. (Instrumental)


Tokyo Girls Style’s 8th single is another double a-side consisting of Liar and W.M.A.D. Liar is very similar to Limited Addiction dipping into the well of 90’s R&B Swing once more. While not as instantly captivating as their previous single it’s still something completely different from similar groups are releasing which is always a good thing.

After a few spins Liar does manage to charm its way into your head. It does have strong funk groove and the guitar solo during the break is some sweet stuff.

W.M.A.D. (what that stands for I have no clue) is the better of the two songs on this package and it has this pop disco kind of feel to it. I guess think of Ongaku Gatas uptempo songs and you have a general idea of what it might sound like. The AVEX touch on this is fairly evident but it totally works in the songs favor.

Also included is Royal Mirrorball’s remix of Liar. This production crew has done some great remixes of Tokyo Girls Style and this is no exception. Right from the start you can get a bit of an 80’s dance club feel and that continues throughout the song. I think it’s a marked improvement from the original version.

Definitely another strong release from Tokyo Girls Style.

Liar/W.M.A.D. (Type A)

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Liar/W.M.A.D. (Type B)

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Liar/W.M.A.D. (Type C)

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Liar/W.M.A.D. (Type D)

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