Travie McCoy – Lazarus

Travie McCoy Lazarus

Release Date: June 8, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Dr. Feelgood feat. Cee-Lo Green
  2. Superbad (11:34)
  3. Billionaire feat. Bruno Mars
  4. Need You
  5. Critical feat. Tim William
  6. Akidagain
  7. We’ll Be Alright
  8. The Manual feat. T-Pain & Young Cash
  9. After Midnight (It’ll Burn)
  10. Don’t Pretend feat. Colin Munroe


Lazarus is the debut album from Gym Class Heroes front man and vocalist Travie McCoy and it features the singles Billionaire, Superbad (11:34) and Need You. The latter 2 being digital only releases.

Gym Class Heroes have been classified as Alternative Hip-Hop and by extension so is this solo album by their front man. I think that’s a good description of what you’re going to get on Lazarus but I’ll dumb down things down further to assist those who don’t want to do a lot of reading.

There’s Shit-Hop (about 90% of what you think is Hip-Hop on the radio) and then there’s Hip-Hop like what you hear on this album.

Granted it isn’t the typical Hip-Hop that everyone is used to and there’s a lot of blending of genres but it’s all good. At least there’s some substance behind the music. There’s almost no lowest common denominator bullshit here and the topics stay away from the typical money, hoes and clothes.

Yes, there is the song Billionaire which appears to be a song about money, but if you actually listen to what Travie is saying you’ll hear a little bit of social commentary and an uplifting positive message. Very different from the conventional Hip-Hop song where the MC is waving $100 bills in your face & bragging about how many sneakers he bought.

There are also songs like Dr. Feelgood (not a Motley Crue cover), After Midnight and We’ll Be Alright which sound similar to the Hip-Pop that the Black Eyed Peas have been attempting recently. Except they don’t suck and fail like the Peas songs do. Instead you get a proper blend of Pop and Hip-Hop that doesn’t resort to pandering to the ADD folks who don’t remember what the hell they just listened to.

Of course it’s not all good as I mentioned above. Unfortunately T-Pain guests on The Manual and ruins what was once a good song. After hearing him, the song was dead to me and I couldn’t find myself to bear anymore. But other than that I found this to be a very good debut album and I highly recommend giving it a listen.

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