Trick8f – STARtriangle Review

Trick8f STARtriangle

Release Date: August 21, 2013

Track Listing

  1. One Day in Summer ~Kimi ga Boku ni Koi wo Hajimeru made~ (feat. FantaRhyme)
  2. Arigatou no Kioku
  3. Ame ga Yandara
  4. As a Child
  5. Altair & Vega


Trick8f are a 3 member group based out of Fukuoka who have been active since 2007. The current members are the following:

Trick8f Members

STARtriangle is their debut EP consisting of five tracks of music similar to the likes of Juliet, BRIGHT, YA-KYIM or the various female squads who make up the E-Girls. They all have the R&B/Pop crossover sound and if that’s your thing you should have no problem with this album.

What you get on this very short package is fairly impressive. When it comes to Urban crossovers Japanese Pop usually tends to get the short end of the stick unless it’s a collaboration with m-flo or the artist is on an AVEX label of some sort.

That’s what I tend to have noticed through my own observations so don’t take that as hard fact.

There really isn’t a bad track on this EP and what you gravitate towards will be based on your taste. But if you want a quick fix start with One Day In Summer ~Kimi ga Boku ni Koi wo Hajimeru made~. It’s an up-tempo track (as most summer themed songs tend to be) that has a bit of a 90’s U.K. Soul feel to it. (Brand New Heavies comes to mind.)

The song also happens to be collaboration with another Fukuoka based group FantaRhyme. If their rhyming verses intrigue you they’re worth investing your time in as well. If you want something a little more chilled As A Child should fit the bill. Granted these girls aren’t quite on the level of SPEED harmonies or anything but they definitely hold their own on this mid-tempo track.

Like I said you can’t really go wrong anywhere on this EP. If you’re looking for something new and/or different to listen to outside of your regular rotation, Trick8f aren’t a bad place to start.



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