TRUSTRICK – innocent promise Review


Release Date: May 11th 2016

Track List

1. innocent promise
2. mint gum
3. innocent promise (instrumental)
4. mint gum (instrumental)


TRUSTRICK bring their third single release in the form of innocent promise, which includes the opening theme for the anime Shounen Maid with the title track. With lyrics and vocals provided by Kanda Sayaka and music composed by the talented Billy, fans of both the group and Shounen Maid series are in for a treat when tuning into this refreshing single.

Heading straight into the title track, innocent promise is a sweet, delicate song with an upbeat tone that is gentle in sound, but powerful to its listener. With vocals provided by Kanda Sayaka, fans of TRUSTRICK can expect a passionate piece complimented by the singers raw, throaty vocals that will surely deliver a lot of impact and emotion with each note sung. Despite how light the song may seem though, it does have energy in its chorus, and is a fun listen thanks to its joyful tone.

The second and final track, mint gum, is a soothing piece thanks to its smooth instrumental track and the accompanying soft vocals. Much like its name suggests, this is the type of song that will tingle your taste buds with its fresh sound and smooth feel. It’s an appealing piece, as well as the most promising of both tracks.

With such a graceful sound present throughout, innocent promise is a great addition to TRUSTRICK’s discography, and will surely entertain fans of the group with its fresh, spring tracks. If you want to find something a little more soothing to add to your personal playlist, or just a little something to keep you feeling refreshed in the on-coming summer head, then there is no need to look any further.

innocent promise (Regular Edition)


innocent promise (Limited Edition)


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