Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan

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We all know that there was a massive natural disaster on Friday afternoon Japan time as a tsunami has devastated the northeast region of Japan. On top of that was the massive and (recently upgraded to) 9.0 earthquake that shook many regions away from the epicenter of the quake itself.

I have refrained from commenting until this point as it is beyond the scope of this site. But since much of the material that we here at Selective Hearing write about comes from Japan I figured it would be best to express my thoughts and to set some people straight on what has happened.

As always, these thoughts are my own and do not represent those of the other Selective Hearing staff.

When Nature Strikes

There are 4 places on this planet I have an abundance of love for. The first being my homelands of Canada and the Philippines. The others being Taiwan and the place that has been dubbed “awesome island” by many, Japan. To see the destruction that nature can unleash is amazing. Looking at what used to be Sendai airport submerged under water was hard to even comprehend, but there it was.

Other images coming in from the news were equally horrifying and shows just how random life really is. I know that everyone is saying pray for Japan and all that jazz but while that’s nice, prayer does not pay to get the infrastructure of the damaged areas back to even a tenth of what they once were. Which is why I encourage all of you out there to donate to the Red Cross (or other reputable charitable organizations) in whatever manner you can afford. Every little bit helps. I have put up links on the sidebar for those who would like to contribute to the recovery efforts.

Earthquake Japan 2011

While events such as this bring the best out of humanity it also brings out the worst as well. It has sickened me to see some people’s reactions to what happened. Making jokes about Godzilla and giggling school girls drowning in the wake of this tragedy IS NOT FUNNY and anyone who thinks it is deserves to be drawn and quartered, stoned or beaten medieval style for such archaic, boneheaded, ignorant views and disregard for human life.

Earthquake Japan 2011

In addition, this is not God’s way for punishing the Japanese because they don’t believe or whatever bullshit you overzealous religious zealots out there are making up. Religion has nothing to do with what happened and if any of you actually paid attention in school, or have read a book or even bothered to look up a wiki on why this earthquake and subsequent tsunami occurred than you would know that Japan is in one of the most active areas of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Science has clearly explained this for many years and using God to quantify what happened is downright stupid.

If you are a truly religious person following the path of whatever God you believe in you should be more compassionate and caring towards this situation. If you actually believe the mumbo jumbo coming out of the more ignorant you’re just talking out of your ass and have never listened to a single word preached to you in church.

Also, this is not Karma for Pearl Harbor. I believe the Americans made their point when they dropped a couple of fucking A-bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Nothing says “don’t fuck with us” more than incinerating a few million people I think. As insensitive as that sounds it’s exactly what happened. But if you are of that mindset that karma has finally punished the Japanese for what they did so many years ago then I feel sorry for you and I believe karma will set you straight in the end.

Lastly, to my fellow J-Pop fans. I realize that we all love and care for our idols, movie stars and entertainers but please do not go overboard with so and so here hasn’t tweeted or Facebooked or whatever. I don’t need to see that kind of spam in my feed every 30 minutes. I mean if I were there, the first thing I would be thinking about is getting to a phone & letting my family know I’m okay. Not logging on to my Twitter or Facebook account. (unless that was my ONLY way of communicating) So yes, be concerned but now is not the time for crazy fanboy/fangirl like spam.

Normally I don’t like to get all political and rant-like here (I save that for my podcast) but this is quite upsetting. Not only to me, but to many others as well. Again I encourage all of you to donate what you can to the relief effort not only in Japan, but in other nations ruined by natural disaster.

That is all.

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