Tsuribit – Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku Review

Tsuribit Cover

Release Date: 24th July, 2013

Track Listing

1. Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku
2. Survival Dream
3. Start Dash! (Limited Edition only)
(+ Instrumentals)


Tsuribit are a pretty fresh group, and only recently debuted with their first digital single back in March this year, Start Dash!. The group have now released their first physical single Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku, which still shows of their fresh and youthful approach to the Idol world that Start Dash! did… except this song sounds better, or at least it does in my opinion.

The title song is pretty good in my opinion, though not a very strong title track for a physical debut song. If anything, it’s pretty safe, but it isn’t so bland or generic that it sounds like something other groups have pulled out before for their debut songs. It’s just a nice song, but nothing ground-breaking or amazing. Luckily, it is a song that suits the groups vocals and works well for them, and isn’t too high or low, meaning that the girls, despite their ages, actually sound pretty decent. Also, there are no solo lines in the title track, meaning that we aren’t treated to irritating, tone-deaf middle schoolers who clearly can’t sing for the life of them. As you can guess, I am pretty thankful about this.

I am, however, surprised by how pleasant this song sounds. It isn’t as energetic as I would have expected it to be, and it isn’t annoying, either. It is just a very nice song, and in a way, quite gentle and lovely to listen to. I actually really like this song, it isn’t annoying or irritating, and the girls vocals work with it so well that the girls sound soothing, too. It is actually really nice to find a group with such young members (the oldest was born in 1998, the rest in 2000-2001) that don’t have such a childish and annoying sound. Much like Tsuribit themselves, the sound of this song is refreshing and pleasing to the ears.

One of the B-sides on this, another new song titled Survival Dream, is a little more up-beat than the title track, but it isn’t childish or annoying, either, which is even more surprising. I did expect at least one of the two new songs to be childish, fun, loud and in your face, but this song is only a bit more up-beat than the title track, but is very fun and nice to listen to. It has more energy than Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku, though it is nothing ground-breaking, either. It is just a nice track added to the single, and quite enjoyable to listen to. Much like the A-side, this song does not have any solo’s in it, so our ears are saved from any members who might not be able to sing as well others, if that is even the case with this group. I actually quite like this song, it reminds me of something AKB48 might (I say might) come out with for a lack-luster B-side, mostly because there seem to be trumpets in the background of the instrumental. For me, this song might just be a tad bit stronger than the A-side, but not by much.

The final song is Start Dash!, and is the first song that Tsuribit officially released as a digital single. Start Dash! is available on the Limited Edition CD for this single, and is probably the most generic of the three songs you can listen to on the single. By no means is it bad, because I thoroughly enjoy it and looped it many a time when I first found out about this cute Idol x Fishing group, but out of all three, it is definitely the one that has the least originality… even the video isn’t original, but it does show off the girls and shows what they are capable of.

The song is cute and very much an Idol song, but adorable to listen to none-the-less. It has a raw quality about it unlike Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku and Survival Dream, and the vocals are certainly not as polished or refined as they sound in the previous two songs, but I guess that adds to the charm of Start Dash!. Of all three songs, this one is probably the most energetic, though to me Tsuribit still seem to have a certain sound about them which allows the girls to sing comfortably, and within their range, that allows them to sound quite pleasant and to make their sound bearable for the listeners, which some groups fail to do hehem, Morning Musume. Even if Start Dash! does sound like it is a little high for the girls, the girls still sound pretty good as a group, and I can listen to them without wanting to plug my ears, which is always a plus.

For a physical single debut, I find that Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku is a pretty nice start for Tsuribit. It’s safe, but it plays up to the girls’ vocals and works for them all. I like all the songs present on the single, and I am definitely looking forward to more from this group! Cute girls who have songs that they can sing in a decent range? Yes, please!!!

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