TWICE – Doughnut (Selective Hearing Remix)

TWICE Doughnut Cover

Release Date: December 15, 2021
Key: F Minor
BPM: 82

Doughnut is TWICE’s ninth Japanese single, and it follows in the grand tradition of Japanese Winter releases by being a lovey-dovey type of ballad.

When I first heard this song, the idea that immediately came to mind was to give it an R&B kind of feel. So that is what I ended up trying for my interpretation.

The vocal was a bit of a pain to work with since it wasn’t as clean as I would have liked after conversion, but it was still good enough to hide some artifacts behind layers of instruments.

Admittedly this is probably not the best I have done with a Japanese TWICE song, but it’s close enough to what I had imagined before taking on this project.

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