Ueno Yuuka – Sweet Dolce Review

Release Date: January 17th, 2017

Track Listing:

  1. Datte Kimi no Kanojo da mon.
  2. Koisuru Pretty Girl
  3. Koi Nikki
  4. Mie nai Hana
  5. Yakusoku
  6. Tsubasa wo Motte Umare ta Mono Tachi
  7. Song for You
  8. Hoshitachi no Moment (A cappella ver.) (Bonus Track)


Bursting with energy and freshness, Ueno Yuuka begins the new year with a delightful array of songs in this small yet highly fulfilling mini-album, aptly named Sweet Dolce.

With a bright and diverse selection of songs, the aptly named Sweet Dolce is sure to quell those pesky sugar cravings, and serve you a satisfying treat for the ears. Right from the get-go, Ueno Yuuka draws you into her world of sweetness with the cute opening track, Datte Kimi no Kanojo da mon. Co-written by Yuuka herself, the adorable love song embodies a light, refreshing sound that fits Yuuka’s typical style well. The accompanying video is just as fun and fresh, with a beautiful aesthetic that feels as light and airy as the song itself. The use of Devil and Angel Yuuka is especially entertaining, and shows a cute, a mischievous and a mature side to the singer.

Contrasting the sweet freshness of the opening song is Koisuru Pretty Girl, a burst of energy that is refreshing in its own way, and completely welcome to the current lineup of Ueno Yuuka songs we have heard previously. It is a fun, upbeat, catchy song that is highly entertaining in its sound, and completely unique to Yuuka’s discography. That said, it does not feel out of place here, and matches the personality and expression of Yuuka perfectly.

It is a great song, and a good choice in direction for Yuuka to go, musically. The music video that accompanies in it is just as fun and energetic as the song it was made for, and shows off the personality and joy of Ueno Yuuka perfectly. Hopefully, we will see her tackle this kind of music more in the future.

Thankfully, Koisuru Pretty Girl is not the sole track listed with a delightfully upbeat sound and cheerful approach. Further showcasing the joy and energy that Yuuka encompasses, the tracks Yakusoku and Tsubasa wo Motte Umare to Mono Tachi capture that radiant happiness of hers, and are key songs you should listen to when checking this mini-album out.

Yakusoku, – written and composed by Yuuka herself – is a carefree, uplifting song that is just brimming with happiness. Though it might feel generic at times compared to other songs here, there is no denying that this is a great track, in both sound and voice. It is full of personality and delight, the melody is highly memorable, and with every note sung, there is an undeniable smile in Yuuka’s voice that makes you want to smile in return.

Following the self-composed  and written track is Tsubasa wo Motte Umare ta Mono Tachi, a vibrant, jumpy track that put a spring in your step. Yet again, we return to this energetic and bouncy side to Ueno Yuuka we seldom see in recent single releases, and it is truly a breath of fresh air. Whilst she might not have the strongest voice for such bubbly, demanding songs, you cannot say that Yuuka is terrible in them, either. She’s positive, her delight is infectious, and she is a joy to hear, and that works quite well here.

Though Yuuka has shown this new side to her sound in Sweet Dolce, she balances out the fun and energetic with the bittersweet mid-tempo melodies of Koi Nikki (2016), Song for You and Mie nai Hana, all of which play up to her strengths in singing perfectly. These are, of course, some of her best tracks, with Song for You being a great example of what type of song works well for Yuuka. Still, it is this new burst of energy and cheer that captures you, because it is unexpected and new, as well as a welcoming step back from the mature, gentle Ueno Yuuka we have come to know.

The biggest surprise to come from this release, however, has to be Hoshitachi no Moment in its reworked A cappella state. A return to the gentle, mature side of Yuuka, this a cappella piece further showcases the talents of Ueno Yuuka as a singer. Everything here is recorded from the mouth, start to finish, and it is a real treat for the ears. Though this form of Hoshitachi no Moment is only available on the Sweet Dolce Regular edition, it is the song that makes the end of this track list that much sweeter, and is worth every second of your time if you happen to fall upon it.

With a delightful array of sounds and styles, Ueno Yuuka’s Sweet Dolce is a treat for the ears that should be listened to, at least once. With a diverse, fresh sound in this small song selection, Yuuka continues to prove her talent for singing, as well as her flare for writing lyrics and her new venture into composing. Fun, refreshing, and sweet as can be, Sweet Dolce is definitely a great start in music for Ueno Yuuka this year.

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