URBANGARDE Merges Space Travel, Marriage, and Murder in “Femme Fata Fantasy” MV

Japanese trauma techno-pop band URBANGARDE takes fans on a mind-bending trip in their new music video “Femme Fata Fantasy,” from their live-show limited edition CD Showa 91. Bridging out from their apocalyptic 2015 album Showa 90, the band removes their gas masks to reveal ape faces, bouncing around in savage rhythm before jumping forward to a space-age future, eerily reminiscent of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The band skewers a beach wedding fantasy with singer Yoko Hamasaki’s ring finger exploding from her hand in a bloody blastoff before turning into a rocket. Not content with just one bodily injury, Yoko runs across the beach with a short sword hidden in her bridal bouquet, stabbing her would-be husband and bathing happily in the sanguine spray.

“Femme Fata Fantasy”

Showa 91 will be available in 2 versions: “Monkey Version” and “Regular Version”.

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Vocals: Yoko Hamasaki
Vocals: Temma Matsunaga
Guitar: Shin Zeze
Keyboard: Ohkubo Kei

URBANGARDE is a self-described “Trauma Techno Pop” band, mixing male and female vocals, outrageous performance-art visuals, and daring social commentary. After completing three independent albums, they released their major debut singles “Skirt Kakumei” and “Tokimeki ni Shisu” from Universal Music Japan in 2011, followed by their first major-label album release Mental Hells. URBANGARDE’s 2012 album Geiger Counter Culture achieved the number 10 position on the daily Oricon chart in Japan and made the top 25 on its weekly chart.

In 2012, URBANGARDE ranked in the top 5 J-Pop artists on the French TV program “Japan in Motion” (NOLIFE TV) and made their French live performance debut at Toulouse Game Show (TGS). URBANGARDE returned to France in 2013 for Japan Expo and released their greatest hits compilation Koi to Kakumei to URBANGARDE, featuring the song “Tokai no Alice.”

URBANGARDE’s Utsukushii Kuni was released in June 2014 by Tokuma Japan Communications, featuring artwork by renowned Japanese painter Aida Makoto. The same year URBANGARDE released music videos for “Sakura Memento” and “One-Piece Shinjuu”. In 2015, URBANGARDE released the single “Coin Locker babies” and made their USA debut at A-Kon in Dallas, TX.

URBANGARDE’s latest album, Showa 90, was released on December 9, 2015, featuring the anti-war song “Kuchibiru Democracy”.