Staff Year In Review : Version ’17

In Respect To Those Who Have Passed

Sadly, this year saw two Idols pass. The first to rock the Idol world was the sudden passing of Matsuno Rina, who left this world on February 8th. Fans from all over mourned the loss of the Shritsu Ebisu Chuugaku member, regardless of whether they followed and supported the group or not, and even now, many are still in mourning for the loss of this young girl.

The news was terrible, and even though I’m not a supporter of Ebichu, it was hard to hear of Rina’s death. It’s a scary, worrying thing, and I am sorry for the loss of someone that many loved dearly, whether they were her friends, family, fellow group members, colleagues or fans. It’s still heartbreaking to know that she is no longer a part of this world. I can’t put into words how terrible it is, but even as 2017 comes to its end, I still think of Rina, and I hope that the fans remember her fondly.

The second Idol that we have lost is that of Kim Jong-hyun, 27 years old, who recently passed on December 18th, 2017. Jong-hyun’s death has shook the industry, and many fans have come together to show their support for one another and SHINee, and many have voiced their grief, regardless of whether or not they were a fan of Jong-hyun and SHINee or not.

Jong-hyun’s death is still fresh on our minds, and a painful topic for many. Where Rina’s death was a natural cause, Jong-hyun’s was not, and this has brought to light just how dark the entertainment industry can be for those who are in it. It is a horrible, painful thought to know that Jong-hyun was struggling and that this was his last resort, but I know that his fans will remember his smile and the joy he brought to them, too.

Both Matsuno Rina and Kim Jong-hyun’s deaths are heartbreaking. Both Idols were so young, and there was a future waiting for them that can never happen now that they have passed. It is hard to put into words just how much grief everyone who knew them, and knew of them, has been feeling since they passed, and it is hard to say the right things regarding their deaths. These have been painful, lonely days, and everyone has been hurt. I just hope that you all remember the good things about these two, and look back on the happiness they gave you when they were alive.

May Matsuno Rina and Kim Jong-hyun Rest In Peace.

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