VSK – God Songs

VSK God Songs

Track Listing

  1. Heavy Rotation
  2. Iwake Maybe
  3. Ponytail to Shushu
  4. Oogoe Diamond
  5. 10nen Zakura
  6. Beginner
  7. River
  8. Namida Surprise
  9. Everyday, Kachuusha
  10. Aitakatta


Rock bands covering idols songs is nothing new. Many Hello! Project fans probably remember Evil Morning and their reworkings of that collective’s songs. Even those who were not fans of Rock/Metal agreed that it’s possible to add a bit of attitude to idol pop.

VSK Group 01

Now that AKB48 is the current hot item a Visual Kei band called VSK have decided to make their debut by covering many of that idol group’s songs on their album God Songs. While the title may be a little too praising of AKB48’s material one has to wonder if VSK has the chops to take on the difficult feat of translating idol pop into a completely different genre.

For the most part I would say that yes, they have succeeded in doing so. The arrangements had to be modified somewhat to accommodate the Visual Kei genre but the instrumentals ended up being some great stuff in the end. I’ve read complaints that maybe VSK went too far and didn’t stay true to the originals.

To those people I say you should chill out. The basic melodies of each song are there if you listen hard enough and to expect anything more is like asking for money to rain down from the sky. The problem does not lie in the music itself, it’s the vocals that are the weak point.

I don’t listen to Visual Kei that much and a lot of the vocalists from these kinds of groups all sound like the same guy to me. But even I can tell that perhaps this group should reconsider who is singing lead. Or maybe just become an all instrumental group instead.

The best renditions of AKB’s songs are Iwake Maybe and Aitakatta. The rest are going to be hit and miss depending on your interpretation of how well this band did.

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