Watanabe Mayu – Synchro Tokimeki

Release Date: 29th February 2009

Track Listing:

1. Synchro Tokimeki
2. Mitsuami no Kimi he
3. Shinjuku Yuutousei (Regular Edition)
4. Lavender no Juutan (Limited A)
5. Mayuyuroid (Limited B)
6. Saba no Kanzame (Limited C)

~The Review~

Synchro Tokimeki is the debut album of AKB48 member, Watanabe Mayu, Whilst I don’t exactly follow the solo singles of members of AKB48, I decided to give Mayuyu’s a shot – I like her as an Idol, and she’s certainly interesting in terms of how she looks in a PV. So, I was wondering what these songs would sound like, considering that Mayuyu is pretty similar to Sayumi in how sickly sweet their vocals are.

Starting off with the title track, Synchro Tokimeki is a rather generic, but cute, number to start Mayu’s journey to being a soloist. She sounds cute, and the song works for her voice. I actually enjoy the song, but I find that it isn’t a strong song to debut with. The only reason that Mayu got away with such a weak debut title track is because of the group she is associated with, and the popularity she has. Regardless, I love the song – it’s cute and I like cute tracks. That, and the PV is freakin’ awesome!

Mitsuami no Kimi he is the next song on the list, and is a really cute number – it sounds vaguely like a song out of the 80’s (or an era that is older than me) but fits Mayuyu’s voice nicely. She sounds really pleasant here, and I quite enjoy the song. I wasn’t expecting a slower song on this single at all, because I generally see Mayuyu as this energetic (kind of) sort of person who gets cute and childish songs. But, this is a nice contrast from Synchro Tokimeki.

Shinjuku Yuutousei is from the Regular Edition single, and is a slower, and probably more sensual, song than the previous two. Here, we get a slower song where Mayuyu brings out a more powerful, lower voice. I have to say, she sounds great here – the song sounds a bit old fashioned, but I like how well it works for Mayuyu’s voice – I could imagine her dancing around a microphone stand to this, to be quite honest.

Lavender no Juutan is my favourite song from the single, and is from the Limited A edition of the single. Here we have a more up-beat and fun song provided by Mayuyu, with a quirky instrumental plus her sickly sweet voice. If you like fun songs, this one might be for you – it’s definitely a lot more upbeat that Synchro Tokimeki is.

Mayuyuroid sounds pretty much how you would imagine it – a bit weird, glorifies our Queen of Kawaii Mayuyu and reminds me of aliens and out of space. But maybe that is just me.  There’s a bit of auto-tune added in there to make Mayuyu sound like a Vocaloid for certain parts of the song, but it’s quite a cute song – certainly not my favourite, but I don’t hate it. It actually reminds me of an Anime theme tune. If Mayuyu comes out with an anime about her alien persona, I would want this as the Opening theme tune.

Saba no Kanzame is the last song on the list, and a part of the Limited C edition, and is a ballad. One which seriously reminds me of show girls on the stage, for some odd reason. Here, Mayuyu sounds… odd. She sports an extremely low voice, and when I first heard this song, I was surprised by how she sounded. In all honesty? I am not too keen on this voice that she is singing it. It sounds somewhat creepy and it doesn’t suit Mayuyu at all. The chorus is a bit better, but it is still too weird for my own taste. The instrumental itself is really pretty – but Mayuyu’s low voice kind of ruined the song for me. I hope that she never does this again.

Overall, this is a decent single – I only really disliked one song! If you can, go and listen, and find out which one you like!

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