Watanabe Mayu’s ‘Hikaru Monotachi’ PV

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I’ve been gone so long, I bet you thought that I was dead. Heck, even I thought I was because it’s been so long since I last posted on here… Oh my.

Watanabe Mayu’s third single release, Hikaru Monotachi is definitely nothing like her previous two singles, Synchro Tokimeki and Otona Jelly Beans, which ultimately sows a new side to the girl whom I dubbed as an ‘anime singer at best’. Well, she has of course proven me wrong with her new song and PV, showing that there is so much more to her than generic Idol cuteness and her beautiful, creepy little smile…

The video is a major step up (actually, try over 9000 steps) from Mayuyu’s previous singles, and that’s all down to the concept of the video itself and the amount of pure hard work that went into this music video. The more you watch this video, the more you come to appreciate just how truly difficult this video was to create, and how much it could have cost, too. I mean, come on; there’s edits of Mayuyu’s CD’s, a manga created purely for this MV, billboards, cut-outs, Nico Nico Douga and Youtube replica’s as well as many other factors which make this PV so wonderful, but also so damn hard to edit. It’s pretty obvious that a lot of time, thought and patience was put into this video, because without it, you wouldn’t get the effects you do in this video.

And that time and patience really shows in this video, or at least I think so. You get to see Mayu in a totally different light through this PV. We basically see her as a CGI Idol, but nobody knew that she was one. This concept actually reminds me of the Vocaloid hype, after Hatsune Miku started to get her own concerts, as well as Eguchi Aimi, the CGI AKB48 Idol created for a CM. It was a cool concept, and it seems that it’s been used here, but with an existing Idol who I hope is real…

I was surprised by how cool and shocking the video became, with Mayu crashing and people finding out that she was no longer real, and then slowly, the change of everything around her. It was weird to see that Mayu had been replaced by a computer generated Idol, as if she had never truly existed. Everything changed, which is where the magic of editing truly took place. You see her CD covers change, and you see the creation of the CGI Mayuyu. It’s actually quite scary to think about it, but the video is so well made, and you get a real sense of how great this video truly is. It’s really amazing, and it’s actually mind-blowing to think that this has come from Mayu, who I thought would do nothing but sound like an anime singer.

I was, and I still am, so impressed by this video, and I really was not expecting anything from it at all until I saw the preview. I liked how a current trend was taken and turned into something better. I honestly thought that Mayu would go down the same route as Kikkawa Yuu and have a CGI model of herself made via DDM, but instead we get a much better, much cooler concept from Mayu.

Going back to Aimi, I actually feel like this is closely related to the Eguchi Aimi incident, but that could just be me, because you get some similar reactions from the people in the video to how people may have felt in real life after finding out that Aimi wasn’t actually real. People feel hurt, angry and somewhat betrayed by the news that Mayu isn’t actually real, but the sad part is that eventually, within the video, people come to terms with it, and they forget how they used to see Mayu, they forget that they saw her as a real person, and this eventually takes its toll on Mayu in the video; we see her become what people see her as, a CGI Idol who is not real, but a figment of someone’s imagination who became a holographic Idol, whilst the ‘real’ version of Mayuyu is left all alone in a computerized world where she is only remembered as a fake.

This PV is actually quite scary in its own way, too. It’s not a bad thing, because it’s an amazing video as well, but it’s so amazing that it kind of freaks me out a little. It actually makes me think that Mayu has disappeared, and makes me wonder just how I would react if she did disappear herself. It’s as if this video is the disappearance of Mayu, but in another way. Is she growing up, will she be less of a cute girl, and more of a mature one? Is this video showing the disappearance of the cute, creepy Mayu that we all know and love? This is what my sister asked me, and I have to say, I do see what she means. This video is possibly showing a new Mayu and how she is changing. Possibly to better songs and MV’s that aren’t Idol generic? Please?

It’s freaky, but in a good way, and I really like the direction that Mayu has gone in with this video. It shows a new side to her, one which I welcome with wide open arms, and it has really proven to me that Mayu is more than your generic Idol singer. This is, by far, her best PV, and it has really impressed me and made me think twice about how I see Mayu now. Hopefully Mayu will keep up her game, because this is her best song and video ever since she debuted. I have no idea how Aki P will top this single, because boy will it be hard, but I would like to see him try to make something better, something just as impressive, shocking and awesome as this.

It’s like Mayu took the auto-tune boom into her own hands, and made it awesome, even for the stingy gits like me.

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