Weather Girls – Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou

Release Date: 6th February 2013

Track List:

1. Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou
2. Kimi Youhou
3. Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou (Instrumental)
4. Kimi Youhou (Instrumental)


I’m a fan of Weather Girls, but I don’t expect everyone to know about them so I will give a brief introduction; the group was formed back in 2010 as a troop of, would you know it, Weather Girls for a Taiwanese TV station where the girls reported the Weather by wearing various costumes, acting out as cutesy school girls and speaking in Japanese, English or Taiwanese.

The girls gained popularity in Japan for their unique way of showing the weather, and so the Idol group Weather Girls was formed in 2012 and had their major debut. Roll on to 2013 and here we are with their second Japanese single Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou. How about we take a look it, aye?

When this single was announced I was expecting something pretty similar to Koi no Tenki Yohou in terms of sound and maturity; Weather Girls, though an Idol group, are probably quite a bit Idol than most Idols these days considering that they actually have jobs as weather girls at TV station, so believe it or not I was not expecting the fun and cuteness that Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou delivered when I first watched the video.

Sound wise, this song is actually extremely different to their first single. Whilst both are equally catchy, this song feels a lot more carefree and fun in terms of how it has been composed and how the entire song just flows.

There are cute little sayings thrown in there, background sounds from the girls such as giggling, and a lot more energy that is extremely apparent. It’s all fun and games with this song really, and I like that about it; it shows a new side to the Weather Girls and just threw out that mature look I assumed they would forever take on and showed me, as both a viewer and a listener, that these girls can still be fun and youthful, but not so much that it’s painful to watch… like Yurushite Nyan.

The song is fun, quirky and allows the listeners to hear a new side to Weather Girls as singers and performers. We get to hear them in a bubbly song that both adults and kids will enjoy a lot, because it’s cute and joyful to listen to, but they still manage to keep a certain amount of maturity within the song that does not make it sound sugary, sickly sweet or unbearable. I have to give them credit for managing to make a fun, peppy song that does not grate my ears or go overboard on the sugar. Also, it’s easy to sing along to; if a song can do that then it’s pretty much a winner in my books.

Kimi Yohou is the second song on the track list and the last from the single and brings back a more mature Weather Girls whilst still sounding quite cute. I can’t help but think that this song is ‘airy’ more than anything, and I guess that’s how I will describe it; it’s airy to the point where it actually sounds a lot like Spring, and considering this is a spring single, that’s a good thing.

The song is a lot less energetic than the A-side is, but it brings a nice balance to the single and allows us to appreciate the girls’ voices more because there are a lot less effects going on. Also, just because it isn’t as energetic does not mean that it isn’t as fun, because if I’m being honest there are times where I prefer this song to the A-side. It’s easy to listen to and quite calming, and I thoroughly enjoy it. I like that it represents spring to me and that it allows me to appreciate everyone’s voices. It’s cute, and I think that this song should be given a go because it’s a great listen.

Overall this is a nice second single from Weather Girls, and just shows that the girls have played around with their sounds and can work with both mature and fun, energetic songs. They’re a pretty catchy group anyway, but hearing the second single just gives me more hope for their future. Hopefully the girls will continue to bring us good songs and fun video’s to watch, because so far I have thoroughly enjoyed what they have produced… despite how little that may be.

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