When Worlds Collide

On Saturday night (Japan Time) Morning Musume and AKB48 were all on the same stage for a charity event. There was much hype around this event having the 2 mega idol groups who have caused so much confrontation and animosity among fans in the same place, working together.

Having caught the videos of the two performances they did (thanks much H!O Twitter) before YouTube took them down (because of copyright claims, boourns) I can say that I was underwhelmed by what I saw. My expectations were already set low, but… Yeah. It was not as epically fail or awesome as some had hoped. It was just, meh.

The AKB girls looked uninspired and tired while Momosu looked like they drank 30 cups of Starbucks in comparison. The camera never really focused on the idols an instead was on the disadvantaged children who were part of the people who the charity was raising money for. Actually, that was the point, so I’m not going to bitch about lack of camera time for anyone.

I was really expecting something somewhat more interactive between all the parties involved. There was one single moment of interaction between Takahashi and one of the hot girls (sorry, still a noob, don’t know all their names yet) from AKB and that was it. Everyone was standing safely apart from each other, facing the camera and attempting to remember their cues and lines.

The two performances they did together were joyless and came off rather half assed and wasn’t the collision I was hoping for.  The litle girl who sings the Ponyo song still rocks, but otherwise I want the bandwidth I wasted watching these lackluster efforts back.

I can only hope that this will plant the seeds for something better down the road. I think an H!P/AKB combo concert could bring in a lot of money & finally bring an end to the stupidness that divides fans.

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