Where’s My H!P Spam?

If you even remotely follow J-Pop you know that AKB48 officially announced that there are official accounts for the brand but also for most of the +18 members of the collective. This drove the idol fan community into a tizzy and people from all over the world were busy adding their favorite members (or everyone) to their circles.

The members of AKB took to Google+ like white on rice and are currently on a spamming spree that is making everyone go nuts trying to post comments on individual members pages. While that’s all nice, it got me wondering about Hello! Project. Where is my H!P spam on Google+?

Hello! Project has been notorious for being slightly behind when it comes to social networking of any kind. I mean, any company that would use a free Blogger account as their platform & then use a half-assed theme designed by a 4 year old with crayons probably needs some help in that department.

I’m not saying that H!P has been a total failure in social networking. Their YouTube channels are always updated and their official artist Facebook pages (if you can find them out of the zillions of “official” ones out there) that have been recently created are well maintained.

You figure that maybe they would have jumped on the Google+ bandwagon before their competitors. I asked my followers on Twitter when they thought H!P would get on board and and one answer was the end of 2012 2021. That seems about right.

Hello Project Mobekimasu

I don’t know if this whole AKB & Google thing is exclusive or not but if it isn’t maybe UFA should look into unleashing some of their idols on Google+.  Can you imagine a live Google+ hangout with Michishige Sayumi instead of a recorded YouTube session? That would be some epic stuff. I’m sure you all have your wish list(s) but I’m using my personal favorite as an example.

If this momentous occasion were to happen I wonder if Google’s servers could handle the overload of wota trying to spam their favorite idols. I mean, just going by the AKB Google+ experience so far it looks like it’s a mad dash to see who can get their comments to stick.

I guess we’ll have to see what HP’s next move will be.

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  1. I have to agree that H!P aren’t the best when trying to sell themselves in any way. Why do you think AKB are popular? They know the best ways to promote the hell out of those girls, and Google+ is one of them. Whilst H!P are still on Twitter (not even all of them, I expect) AKB are stepping up their game for global dominance.

    Hopefully H!P will improve their way of advertising the girls in 2012, but I doubt it.

    This was a fun post to read~ I need my H!P spam too ;(

  2. H!P have never seized their chances to be well known overseas. I think it’s a conspiracy on Tsnuku’s part. Seriously, they have a huge fanbase all over the world, they could make so much money. Think Tsnukus head might still be in the 90’s. Social network-pimp them!!!! For crying out loud

  3. H!P is too comfortable with their fan base where they are raking their money some how.  Remember what happened when H!P tried to expand outside? It results in 2 chinese members however they were sent back in the end.  Sure they are doing over seas conventions and stuff but they don’t really count.  It’s not like a global domination like how the xxx48 groups are. 

    • I agree with H!P being comfortable with their fan base. The same can be said of their fan base being the same and not expecting more of them.

      I have to disagree with the “global domination” of AKB. The best mainstream press they have gotten globally is for an idol that didn’t even exist and the buzz from that didn’t even last very long.

      I would go with Raelyan and with her statement that Hello! Project, despite their best efforts didn’t take the ball and run with it.

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