Who won? It’s A Fix!

2012 AKB Janken

AKB48’s latest Janken tournament has come and gone and the results certainly have brought a lot of people out of their shacks in the woods. There are many who are calling this last contest a complete and total fix on the scale of professional wrestling, boxing or Olympic figure skating under the old 6.0 scoring system.

Shimazaki Haruka Janken 2012

Paruru Won? It’s gotta be rigged right?

To those people I say that you’re taking this way too seriously. Janken is a game of chance and luck. Just because Shimazaki is AKB48’s version of John Cena (pushed to the moon whether anyone likes it or not.) doesn’t mean that she was pre-destined to win this year’s tournament.

There are no conspiracy theories behind her win or the loss that broke Kojima’s streak of Senbastsu appearances.

Really, if this was fixed you would think that the brackets would have the more popular members face off against the girls who are either new to the game or have a proven track record of being complete failures. Maybe some of the girls were paid off with food vouchers instead? How about extra time off or just cold hard yen?

After all, the road to victory that is already carved out for you is much easier to take than blazing your way through opponents with will and determination that makes fans rally behind you every round.

Worst… Ever…

Worst Senbatsu Ever

There are also many within the AKB fandom who are claiming this to be the worst Senbatsu ever. Given my level of experience within AKB world I really have no idea if this is the indeed “the worst” or not but I find it funny to read all the bitching about who randomly made it into the group by sticking their hands out.

This level of bitching is similar to the crybaby whining that I hear from Morning Musume fans who don’t like line distribution.

I for one am happy the some girls I didn’t even know existed are part of the Senbatsu. Again, I’m new. The more chicks I don’t know about that I’m exposed to, the better it is for me. I guess no one else is happy that some girls who never get close to being in the Senbatsu now have that opportunity to grab some spotlight for one single?

This single will suck by default

Actually I could say that about any future Morning Musume single (ZING!) but let’s not dwell on idol’s past. We’re talking about the present and future here after all.

This is a valid argument and I’m willing to give whatever this song turns out to be a couple of listens before passing final judgement. Who knows? Whatever they come up with for Paruru up front might be another million seller or it could be complete and utter shit that will be the beginning of the end of Japan’s current national idols.

My only disappointment…

… is that Lemon didn’t take the entire thing. I can only imagine what kind of fucked up song Aki-P could construct around her. I know I’m not the only one who is saddened by her elimination. Also, I’m also sad that Nito & Moeno didn’t get to take on Paruru separately. (If you get that joke, congrats to you.)

Anyway, congrats to Shimazaki for winning a trophy that could double as a really messed up female pleasure appliance.

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