Why Do I Blog?

Hola folks, and welcome to the start of the Selective Hearing 10th Anniversary celebrations!


It’s kind of crazy that the 10th anniversary coincides with a lot of big names in entertainment. Groups like SMAP (25th anniversary) and AKB48 (10th anniversary of single debut, Ori K 10th anniversary) all happen to coincide with this one.

For me, though, having not as long a history with Selective Hearing as others (being the youngest, I get to have the honors to kick things off), this anniversary really brings to mind a much more personal question: Why do I blog at all? What does it mean to blog anyway?

At the end of the day, writing (especially in blog format) is a bit like shouting into an abyss that very rarely responds back, if at all. Is it for my own benefit? For others? Back when Selective Hearing first started, forums were in vogue, but not nearly as automatic as they are now with the likes of Reddit or Tumblr. Now that such things have become even more mainstream, it questions even more why I write or blog.

On one hand, blogging is a bit like journalism, but with an opinionated twist. No one really reads blogs for news, but rather to get the perspective of some person on some particular subject. That being said, what separates a blog post from a simple rant – especially those seen on places like Tumblr, or those terrible op-ed pieces that float up from time to time on the Japan Times – is the ability to balance between the two, and to present an interesting opinion that is actually factually based without seeming like an idiot.


I would be lying if I said I weren’t blogging for myself. My own writing has been solely to present interesting points of view that I have on certain topics for the benefit of certain friends and acquaintances that I know read and actively follow my writing, and to be able to discuss with them certain topics, kickstarted by my fully sourced and formulated opinion.

This is why I continue to write – not so much for a larger group or even the public (because who really reads my stuff anyway?) but rather for that select group that I know will react in a certain way when I publish. In a sense, Selective Hearing has become that place for me to air out my (extremely opinionated) thoughts.

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