Wonder Girls feat. Akon – Like Money

Wonder Girls Like Money

Release Date: July 9, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Like Money feat. Akon


The Wonder Girl’s latest dip into the American market is the follow up to their blip on the radar song The DJ Is Mine called Like Money. This time they pull some real star power in the form of Akon. Obviously this is a very big upgrade from their “who these other bitches?” pairing with the School Gyrls.

The lingering question over this song is whether it actually is “money” or if it’s just another nice try attempt. Like Money does have a lot of positives going for it. The sound is definitely in line with the resurgence of mainstream club beats that are becoming more popular on American radio. And unlike a lot of Asian pop acts who try to crossover, this doesn’t suffer from the b-grade production that makes these mega-sellers in their homelands look like cheap knock-offs.

Second is the addition of Akon. I have always been in the camp that this dude is great when he’s doing collaborations and not so great when he’s solo. This is no exception and he brings a bit of Urban pop flavor that should at least grab the attention of mainstream consumers. Of course the stars of this are the Wonder Girls themselves and they put in powerful vocal performances to match the intensity of the beats.

Now for the negative. Even though I said this doesn’t suffer from the b-grade syndrome, it does sound rather generic in the grand scheme of things. There isn’t that special spark that you get from their Korean songs. It’s almost dime-a-dozen club music to me. (Remember I listen to a ton of club songs every week for my mixes, so that’s just my own personal bias.)

That may sound like a big knock against the track, but even the most hardened Wonderful/K-Pop fan may not rank this very high in the Wonder Girl’s vast discography. If taken as just another crack at America this is perfectly acceptable and much better than The DJ Is Mine. Although I don’t see this getting into the lower end of the Top 40 any time soon.

Why? Well it’s because of the other downside to this song. There is little or no promotion for it. Sure all the crazy K-Pop and converted Wonder Girls fans will immediately buy this but to get the word out you have to get on those morning/late night talk shows and shake and pimp. Even if it’s just for a cup of coffee like Girls’ Generation did earlier in the year.

Unfortunately the timing of this single is kind of crappy since it coincides with the Japanese release of Nobody for Everybody, and it appears that Asia is getting priority. Too bad but oh well.

Of course you don’t have to let a few of my small nitpicks stop you from buying this. It’s still a quality track regardless.

Like Money


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