Wonder Girls – Wonder World

Wonder Girls Wonder World

Release Date: November 8, 2011

Track Listing

  1. G.N.O.
  2. Be My Baby
  3. Girls Girls
  4. Me, In
  5. Sweet Dreams
  6. Stop
  7. Dear. Boy
  8. 두고두고
  9. SuperB
  10. Act Cool (feat. San. E)
  11. Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix)
  12. Nu Shoes


After spending the last few years trying to crack the egg that is America the Wonder Girls have returned with their long anticipated second Korean album Wonder World.

One has to ponder whether their extended stay in America might have taken them out of the K-Pop game completely. There are a lot of female groups out there now compared to when they last were promoting in Korea full time.

Many probably know that the Wonder Girls’ gimmick was to go the retro route. While that was nice for a while it got tiresome quickly. Have they turned their back on that in favor of the current K-Pop Electro Pop sound? Not exactly. The lead single Be My Baby attempts to milk the last ounce of retro out of this group (complete with the whispering JYP reminding us who the man is) before getting to a more sophisticated musical palette.

Wonder Girls Wonder World Well maybe not sophisticated in the way anyone would expect. We still get Electro Pop, but in a more tastefully done manner. What you hear on Wonder World could be R&B, dance music or typical K-Pop. It depends on how you see the world I guess.

There are many tracks to take in from each of the genres mentioned above. The R&B heads can skip over to Dear. Boy, 두고두고, &  Girls Girls. If you’re in a dancing mood you can take in G.N.O. or Sweet Dreams and if you just want standard K-Pop you can go with Stop, SuperB or Nu Shoes.

I would avoid Act Cool at all costs unless you’re up for an aural assault of the worst kind. All I could think of when listening to this is someone told the Wonder Girls it’s cool to try to be gangsta? The beat is hot but the vocals should never have been done.

Is this the comeback fans were expecting? Well Wonder World definitely has its charms but considering who they are up against these days this falls short of the mark. Not by much, but still not exactly the shock and awe that Wonderfuls and netziens like to claim.

If this was a more straight R&B/Dance album I think it would have been better. Their attempt to modernize was admirable but they don’t exactly fit that mold like every other group does and please, for the love of all that is good and holy, leave the difficult rapping to Yubin.

Wonder World

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