World phenomenon! PIKOTARO finally debuts!!


Kinky perm, sunglasses and clad in animal print. 53-year old singer/songwriter from Chiba PIKOTARO has made his world debut with the infectious bizarre phrase “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen”.

“PPAP” all started when PIKOTARO posted the song on YouTube. Word spread from teenage girls and created an international buzz. TIME, BBC, CNN and other global media in Europe, the U.S. and Asia took notice in “PPAP resulting in coverage by numerous media around the world. It has also been covered by countless media in Japan becoming a social phenomenon.

Furthermore, Justin Bieber (who boasts 88 million followers on Twitter) tweeted that is was his “favorite video” which lead to a viral explosion.

“PPAP” is adding to its views daily with the total number of views around the world surpassing 200 million. Japanese stars and international celebrities are copying the dance and the number of related videos is well over 36,000.


“PPAP” is available in 134 countries through digital distribution services iTunes and Spotify.