X Japan launches Acoustic Miracle tour in Osaka


X Japan began their most recent World Tour with a concert for over 10,000 fans at Osaka-jo Hall on July 11.

“X JAPAN WORLD TOUR 2017 WE ARE X Acoustic Special Miracle 6 DAYS” received attention from many overseas fans who traveled to attend the event, which has been re-structured with classical and acoustic elements as a result of Yoshiki’s recent surgery.

After a special-edition screening of the We Are X documentary film, the concert began with one of X Japan’s most famous ballads, “Forever Love”. Throughout the night, guest opera singers and string musicians joined the band on stage for classical arrangements of X Japan’s songs, creating what Yoshiki proclaimed as a “night that would live in history”.

Yoshiki thanked the hall full of fans for their support.

I’m so grateful that this concert could go on. I thank everyone for their support, and because of all the fans who gathered at the venue today, I have the power to go on at full power for the next 5 shows.


“X JAPAN WORLD TOUR 2017 WE ARE X Acoustic Special Miracle 6 DAYS” continues tonight in Osaka followed by 4 nights at Yokohama Arena.

July 11 – Osaka-jo Hall
July 12 – Osaka-jo Hall
July 14 – Yokohama Arena
July 15 – Yokohama Arena
July 16 – Yokohama Arena
July 17 – Yokohama Arena

X JAPAN WORLD TOUR 2017 WE ARE X Acoustic Special Miracle 6 DAYS
Osaka-jo Hall 07.11.2017

1 Forever Love
2 Hero
3 Tears
4 Kiss The Sky
5 HEATH Bass Solo
6 PATA Guitar Solo
7 Drain
8 SUGIZO Violin Solo
9 Silent Jealousy
10 Largo
11 YOSHIKI Piano Solo
12 Miracle
13 Angel
14 Without You
15 Kurenai
16 Art of Life


17 Rose of Pain
18 Beneath The Skin


19 World Anthem
20 I.V.
21 Voiceless Screaming
22 Endless Rain


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