Kimi ga Iru Dake de / Sa Iko! - "Respect" 4 Tracks E.P. - / YA-KYIM

YA-KYIM is a Japanese R&B/Hip-Hop group formed in 2002 that consists of one MC (Miku) & two vocalists (Alisa & Yurie).  They are a fairly new group to me.  The only song I’ve heard from them until this point was Super Looper.  I thought the song was alright but eventually forgot about them afterwards.  It wasn’t until I heard Kimi ga Iru Dake de that they got my attention again.

Kimi ga Iru Dake de was orignally recorded by the Kome Kome Club in 1992.

I never heard this song before, if I did it’s a shame I didn’t remember because it’s great.  I found the hook to be brilliant.  It’s one of the catchier ones I’ve heard in a long time.

The YA-KYIM version isn’t a cover, it just happens to effectively use samples from the original.  Because of that the song leans heavily towards a pop sound but it’s still all good.  I liked the smooth vocals of Alisa & Yurie, their voices blend nicely with each other & the vocal samples from the original song.  The MC verses from Miku were also on point, she has an easy flow and when she raps it compliments the singing perfectly.

I think this is an excellent example of using a sample properly.  I like when artists bring something new to a familiar tune instead of using it as a crutch.  Overall, great song.