Yasuda Rei – Kimi no Uta Review

Release Date: May 24th, 2017

Track List:

  1. Kimi no Uta
  2. up to ME
  3. Kimi no Uta (Instrumental)


In her ninth single release, Yasuda Rei brings Kimi no Uta, the ending theme for the fifth season of the anime series, Natsume Yojin Cho. With a mature sound and beautiful vocals, Yasuda gives her all in this emotive ballad.

Whether you like Yasuda Rei or not, it is undeniable that the singer has a beautiful, memorable voice, and in Kimi no Uta – her first single release for 2017 – Yasuda really gives it her all. It is a passionate, moving song in sound, and Yasuda’s vocals only enhance the feeling of the song. The lyrics are nostalgic and bittersweet, as expected from a ballad, and are perfectly reflected in the music video as Yasuda sings of a lost lover and the struggles of saying goodbye and moving forward.

The last line of the song is especially moving, where Yasuda compares the life of the lost lover to that of a flower that will never wilt. Yet again this is captured beautifully in the music video, in the form of a flower in a tin can that is both pictured alone, and with the character of the boyfriend, allowing the lead actress to move forward from her grief.

Both the song and music video are equally beautiful, with the music video creating a wonderful, woeful tale that befits the song in question. It is a heart-wrenching portrayal of a woman coming to terms with the loss of her partner, enhanced by the blue tones in the video, which gradually become warmer as she reminisces, and eventually when she comes to terms with her loss. Yasuda herself is quite moving in solo shots of the video, wearing her hair damp and gold flecks beneath her eyes to represent shining tears as she sings with both vigor and passion.

Kimi no Uta is a deep song tinged with regret and acceptance, and Yasuda Rei truly does this ballad justice. The song is strong and driven, with gorgeous vocals to enhance the quality and sound. Alone, the instrumental is beautiful, but Yasuda’s vocals give the song depth, and transform it frm a pretty, sweet tune, into something so much more.

The coupling track, up to ME, is a completely different tune. Favouring a trance sound, up to ME is this upbeat, energetic creation with some fist-pump worthy beats to set the tone. This song would fit right at home in a club setting, and would work well in concert, too, especially with its cries of “Woah-Oh” that the crowd could sing along to. Surprisingly, Yasuda fits this song nicely, her husky vocals working alongside the trance-like instrumental to create a delightful, ambient experience.

As an overall single, Kimi no Uta is a delightful release that plays to Yasuda’s strengths, and showcases just how talented she is as a singer in two different sounds. With the title track, we hear the power and emotion Yasuda has, whilst up to ME showcases the ethereal beauty of Yasuda’s vocals in a fun, upbeat dance track. Accompanied by an equally beautiful music video, Kimi no Uta is a great first release for the year, and it makes me excited for her next release.

Kimi no Uta (Regular Edition)

Kimi no Uta (Limited Edition)

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