Year Five: Half A Decade Down

All of five years ago I was recruited to Selective Hearing as a newbie writer. My experience at the time was limited to numerous story synopsis’s and the small amount I had written for my blog at the time, and hey, let’s not get into the lack of knowledge I held way back when (for both Japanese music and the industry). Since then, there have been a few changes. First and foremost, the Idol Industry is not what it used to be. Fans I have known (either personally or from afar) have come and gone, and I myself have improved since writing my very first review here, in both voice and structure. Looking back, it is quite surprising just how much things have moved on since the year of 2011. That said, these kinds of changes are for the better… sometimes.

For the past five years in writing, a lot has gone on. From joining a variety of Japanese Music sites in which I have lent my voice, I have gained knowledge in writing and on how to improve myself, but for me, Selective Hearing has been the one constant outside of my own blog. Not once have I felt that need or pull to quit, and never have I felt overwhelmed or pushed to do what is beyond my abilities. The same can be said for all the other sites I have written for, but with Selective Hearing, there is one stark difference to what the others provided: I know the writers. I am friends with them, I talk to them regularly, and we do more than discuss the blog. We chat and joke, and we have a good time. It is fun being a part of this blog, and it is just as wonderful to work with a diverse amount of people who all have vastly different strengths, styles and voices in their writing. By being a part of this site, I have been able to come into my own and prove myself just as worthy as the individuals that I write beside.

I think very highly of Selective Hearing, and that is not me saying so because of my staff position here. I just happen to have many fond memories of writing on the site and of making friends with the other staff members. I’ve had a positive experience since joining this small community of writers, and whilst my knowledge of music and Idol culture may not be as vast as everyone else’s, I am still learning as much as they are (as cliché as that might seem).

It’s been half a decade already, but I’m aiming for the full-fat decade in another five years’ time. Until that time comes along, I will anticipate my further improvement in writing, as well as the development or decline of the Idol Industry as we know it. For now, however, let’s just enjoy the music… at least until I feel bitter about it (because that may be somewhat inevitable).

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