You Know You’ve Made It When…

According to a recent article on Koreaboo there has been an AV movie released based on Girls’ Generation’s look for their Genie single. This is nothing new as there have been AV films based on other popular acts such as BoA, Morning Musume, W and AKB48. There’s even a idol music group made of AV stars.


Some SNSD fans might consider adult entertainment leeching off the popularity of the group to be insulting, disgusting and wrong. I would consider it a badge of honor & a confirmation that they are probably seen as more than a fad in Japan. Inspiring an entire AV is quite an accomplishment.

And so what if it’s copping the image of the group? Porn rips off everything and to be honest the “actresses” who star in this film don’t exactly compare to the hotness of the source material. But I’m sure a lot of pervs out there will consider this the closest to the real thing fulfilling their dirty, nasty fantasies. Which is all well & good I guess.

It’s up to you whether you want to watch this or not. It’s beyond the scope of this site to recommend it or not. Of course that doesn’t mean that one of us won’t take a peek. You know, for research purposes. =)

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