YOUSEI TEIKOKU announces tarot card exclusives for 20th Anniversary single


Japanese gothic metal band YOUSEI TEIKOKU has announced a series of stunning, limited-edition “tarot cards” for fans who purchase their 20th anniversary single, flamma idola, at selected stores in Japan.

Store details on the Lantis official website (Japanese):

The band revealed the mysterious cover art for flamma idola earlier this month, depicting a beautiful but strangely-transformed portrait of YOUSEI TEIKOKU’s lead singer, Empress Yui.

The leader of the Fairy Empire cryptically explained, “Humans adore dolls, dolls adore humans. This deep, hidden longing to transform each other’s essence has persisted since ancient times. Elevating our existence to become both human and doll is our goal with the image of this CD. True subjects of the Fairy Empire will sense the message of the clothing and design displayed herein.”

YOUSEI TEIKOKU returns to the United States for Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon® in Washington, D.C, on August 12.

YOUSEI TEIKOKU flamma idola
Rel. 05.31.2017

Track List:

1. flamma idola
2. Veludo Papilio
3. Naikan Uchu Shisha no Yurikago
4. flamma idola (Instrumental)
5. Veludo Papilio (Instrumental)
6. Naikan Uchu Shisha no Yurikago (Instrumental)


YOUSEI TEIKOKU was founded on the idea that humanity’s dwindling belief in fairies must be reversed in order to bring back the purity in people’s hearts. It was in year 1997 in Nagoya when the Empress of the Fairy Empire, Yui (vocals), first joined with Takaha Tachibana (guitar) and named themselves “Yousei Teikoku Dai San Gakutai”.

Yousei Teikoku (“Fairy Empire” in Japanese) is the shortened name. They then scouted three members in Midgard, Nanami (bass), Shiren (guitar), and Gight (drums). The band merges heavy and aggressive rock music with metal, classical and techno. They have contributed numerous songs for anime series and video game soundtracks including Future Diary, Magical Pokan, Innocent Venus, Kurokami: The Animation, The Qwaser of Stigmata, Mai-HiME, Valiant Knights, Big Order, and Tokyo ESP.

YOUSEI TEIKOKU has performed multiple overseas concerts, including shows in Boston, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Taipei, and this year they will return to America’s capital, Washington, D.C., alongside JAM Project, T.M.Revolution, and FLOW at Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon 2017.

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