YU-A – Yuhi

Yu-A Yuhi Cover A

Release Date – July 8, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Yuhi
  2. Belief
  3. Yuhi (Instrumental)
  4. Belief (Instrumental)


YU-A is a member of the R&B trio Foxxi misQ and Yuhi is her second solo single.

I didn’t know that the members of Foxxi misQ had started releasing solo material.  I was wondering what happened to them after the Last Christmas single was released in November of last year.

Then I started seeing YU-A pop up on other people’s songs such as Negai from Dohzi-T’s 12 Love Stories and eventually I came across this single.

Yuhi is much different from what she has done with Foxxi misQ or any collaborations.  It’s a piano driven pop power ballad that is miles away from the R&B I’m accustomed to hearing from her.

It’s a nice song and it does manage to be a solid showcase for her vocal abilities but it’s nothing overly spectacular.

The b-side Belief hits more familiar territory.  It’s an up tempo R&B club song that is reminiscent of some of her parent groups material.  Much stronger than the a-side I believe.

Overall this wasn’t bad.  It was strange to hear her without Chie & Dem harmonzing in the background but I got used to it.  I think she should take on more up tempo stuff and stay away from the pop ballads unless they have a bit of edge to them.

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