YuiKaori – Shiny Blue

Regular Cover

Release Date: March 13th, 2013

Track List:

1. Shiny Blue
2. Hatsukoi Maze
3. Shiny Blue (Off vocal ver.)
4. Hatsukoi Maze (Off vocal ver.)


YuiKaori are a duo that I rather enjoy listening to; I anticipate their releases with a great deal of excitement and patience, and I always jump at any announcement that may concern this unit. I especially love it when they release a single and music video, because in general these girls seem to get pretty decent video’s that have a story line, or at least an interesting set up. The most interesting setup was Ueika!!, but we are here to talk about their latest single, Shiny Blue.

Shiny Blue is their 7th single release and the opening theme for the PS Vita game Sei Madou Monogatari. Whether or not Yui and Kaori will be lending their voices to the game is beyond me, but I would not be surprised if they were.

Shiny Blue, in all seriousness, is basically Shooting Smile.2. It has the exact same opening and feel that Shooting Smile has, and basically the same structure when it comes to the instrumental. That does not stop me from liking it, though, because Shooting Smile is one of my favourite YuiKaori songs, so hearing it again, but with a different title, made me quite happy.

Shiny Blue is a lot lighter when it comes to how it sounds though and has a nice spring feel to it. It sounds quite fresh, youthful and airy, whilst Shooting Smile has a more frantic beat. There are clear similarities in both songs though, but I have no problem with the recycled sound.

In fact, when I first heard it my thoughts were that it sounded exactly how I think YuiKaori sound, so to me it has that distinct YuiKaori beat that I relate straight to them when I think of their music. For me that’s a positive thing.

Shiny Blue as a song is quite enjoyable as well. I like the beat and sound and how everything is structured, and I love the vocals behind it. I am getting used to how Yui’s voice sounds now, but I swear she has improved vastly in this and learnt how to sing in a better tone so that she does not sound as horrendous as she usually does. Kaori also sounds softer here, which surprised me when I first heard her, but I loved the tone of her voice and how well it fit the song. She sounds girlier, actually.

I like the song a lot, in fact I have been looping it on repeat the past few days since I found the full version of this song and have been enjoying it greatly. I can not say much for the video, sadly, because it bores me to death and has that horrible natural lighting that I hate. Oh well, at least the song is decent.

Hatsukoi Maze is the second song on the track list for this single, and it’s quite pretty. Actually, I think I prefer Hatsukoi Maze to Shiny Blue in some cases; I just need to be in the right mood to listen to it. It has that familiar spring sound to it and sounds quite cute and airy. The instrumental is, and this is the only way I can put it, very tinkly and gentle, something that I would certainly expect from YuiKaori (Yui especially), but it isn’t annoying… at least, not to me.

It sounds very cute and quite anime-like if you think about it, and I love how both the girls sound. Once again Yui has learnt how to sing in a way that does not kill my eardrums, and Kaori is, as always, divine when it comes to lending her vocals to a song. They balance each other out perfectly.

Overall I quite like the single. Both songs are pretty strong in my opinion and I really enjoy them. I guess the downside for this single would be the fact that Shiny Blue is a recycled version of Shooting Smile, and also the boring PV.

This is a pretty tame single, especially after Ueika!!, but I did not expect the duo to come out with anything exciting because this is a spring release, and in general spring releases are quite tame and sometimes even boring (See: Peaberry) so I did not expect to like this as much as I did. Both songs are good, I enjoy them and think they work well for YuiKaori.

And finally, Yui sounds half-decent! YES!!!

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