Yukali – Without Love

Yukali Without Love

Release Date: February 13, 2013

Track Listing

  1. Without Love


When it comes to Japanese R&B there are not a lot of names the average punter can rattle off by heart. There’s obviously the EXILE camp with its plethora of groups, Crystal Kay, Soulhead and some of those classic m-flo loves collaborations. But dig a little deeper in the crates and you’ll find an artist like Yukali.

Yukali has quite the body of work with 2 mini albums (2011’s If This Is Love and 2013’s My Love) and 6 digitial singles including this one, Without Love under her belt. She has collaborated with many in the world of Japanese R&B and Hip-Hop including Nao’ymt, KM-MARKIT and ZEEBRA.

With that said it appears that she has developed a bit of street cred amongst those who follow Japanese Urban music. That is a pretty decent CV after all.

Without Love falls within the world of sweet ballads meant to show off the vocalists inner diva. This succeeds in that aspect as Yukali smoothly glides through the piano driven track without trying to hit notes that only dogs can hear or going through endless runs.

Subtlety is something that all R&B singers should aspire to unless the song calls for chest thumping vocal heroics.

Anyway, the instrumental is equally as smooth and is similar to that of 90’s R&B love jams from the U.S. I’m reminded of something similar to that of 1995 era R. Kelly productions. That might be a little too far back in the time machine for you but you older R&B heads understand what I’m saying right?

Certainly give this a go if you’re one for proper R&B without the unnecessary rappers or Hip-Pop influences. If that ain’t you? Carry on.

Without Love


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