Yuuka Ueno – Kimi to Ita Sora Single Review


Released: July 24th, 2013

Track List

1. Kimi to Ita Sora
2. Arigatou wo Kimi he
3. Summer Prism
(+ Instrumentals)


Yuuka Ueno is fresh-faced and has, in my opinion, the voice of an Angel. A newcomer on the singing scene, Yuuka Ueno was the winner of the Dream Vocalist loved by Young Magazine Award at held back in 2012 by KING RECORDS, landing her a contract with the record company. This July, she released her major debut single Kimi to Ita Sora which is also the theme song for the up-coming horror movie Toire no Hanako-san -Shin Gekijo Ban- where Yuuka plays the lead character.

Ever since seeing a preview of the title song, I fell in love with Yuuka Ueno’s pure and gentle voice and her happy demeanour in the video. She looked bright and fresh, and at the time I wanted to know more about her. There is still so little information surrounding Yuuka Ueno, though I did recently find out that she is only 15 years old, which surprised me because I find her voice quite mature and captivating for a girl of 15. That said, I have really come to like Yuuka Ueno since discovering the preview of Kimi to Ita Sora.

The title song of the single, whilst not really befitting the image of a horror movie, is a nice, up-beat summer tune that I enjoy, however is probably the one song on this single that does no justice for her lovely voice what-so-ever. It almost feels like Yuuka needs to strain her voice higher just to fit the tone of the song sometimes, though her voice doesn’t crack or break like most Idols voices do under the pressure of singing higher than the limit their voices can go.

I think that Yuuka does well to work with the song, despite how high it is for her voice, and I find her enjoyable to listen to and watch. She has a happy sound to her voice, and a subtle energy in the song which brings it to life. Whilst not the best summer song I have listened to this summer, I do think that Yuuka Ueno has one of the best voices out of the Idol songs I have listened to. She has a great voice, despite how strained I think she can sometimes sound, and she seems to be full of happiness and energy in the song, making it a lovely summer tune that is both refreshing and fun.

The next song on the track list is Arigatou wo Kimi he, which is the prettiest song on this entire track list, in my opinion. I think that this is the song that truly does Yuuka’s voice justice and really shows off how mature and pretty it can be. She sounds simply Angelic in this song, and the gentle , thankful tone of the songs instrumental is so lovely and heart-warming to listen to. I actually wish that this had been the title song, because it would have fit being the theme tune of a horror movie far better than Kimi to Ita Sora ever would, and also allows us to appreciate how lovely Yuuka’s voice is.

As a song, I find Arigatou wo Kimi he quite up-lifting as well as soothing. It is just a gorgeous song, with a wonderful arrangement and a good singer accompanying it. It actually reminds me of a Drama song, in a way, because it is so likeable and is great to listen to. This is not my favourite song on the track list, however, but I do think that this is the best song out of the three, and this should have been the A-side as opposed to the B-side.

The third and final song on the track list is Summer Prism, and my immediate thoughts upon seeing the title of this song was Prism Sympathy by StylipS. Well, it is completely different. The song, for one, does not sound like a typical Idol summer song, but is instead a more toned down arrangement, and is like the middle ground for both Kimi to Ita Sora and Arigatou wo Kimi he. It has energy in it, but not as much as Kimi to Ita Sora, but it is gentle and has a slower pace, but not as calm and gentle as Arigatou wo Kimi he.

Out of the three, this is my favourite song though, because I just enjoy how cheerful it seems, despite how slow the sound of the song is, whilst still holding a bit of an up-beat tone. It sounds cheerful and hopeful, and is just a really nice song. If anything, this is probably the easiest song out of the three to get into for me, and is the one that I have listened to the most. It shows off Yuuka Ueno’s voice nicely, it has personality behind it, and it is just a fun song that I can listen to happily all day.

Overall, this is a great debut single for Yuuka Ueno, and whilst I feel that the A-side could have been swapped for a better song off the track list, I do think that it is a good single and that Yuuka Ueno’s debut is one worth listening to.

Kimi to Ita Sora

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