Zeebra – World Of Music

World Of Music / ZEEBRA

Track Listing

  1. World Of Music (Intro)
  2. Unmei
  3. Reason (Let U Know)
  4. Top Of The World
  5. Back Stage Boogie
  6. Not Your Boyfriend
  7. We Leanin
  8. Shinin Like A Diamond
  9. Stop Playin A Wall
  10. This Is 4 The Locos
  11. 360 Degrees
  12. Lyrical Gunman
  13. Everybody Needs Love
  14. My People
  15. Kumo no Ue no Heaven
  16. Last Song


Zeebra is a popular Japanese Hip-Hop artist / producer who made his first appearance in 1995. Before embarking on a solo career in 1997 he was part of a group called King Giddra (think of a Japanese Public Enemy). He is credited for making Hip-Hop familiar to Japanese listeners & is often considered the originator of the Japanese Hip-Hop scene.

World of Music is Zeebra’s 6th album & it was released on October 17, 2007. The overall sound of the album is a mix of aggressive New York style beats (Unmei, Top Of The World, Back Stage Boogie) & smoother west coast type tracks (We Leanin, Stop Playin A Wall, This Is 4 The Locos). It’s a combination that works quite well & there’s a lot of great material for those who appreciate both styles of production.

The most interesting track on this album is Not Your Boyfriend feat. Jesse (RIZE). The song is a Hip-Hop/Rock track that is fairly mellow during the verses & then gets all rocking during the chorus. I like the line “You will remember to be a horny bitch just for me.” during those sections. The song definitely gets its point across.

Shinin Like A Diamond is probably the most commercial track on this album. It samples The Glow Of Love, which should be familiar to anyone who has heard Janet Jackson’s All For You.  So if you dig that track, you’ll probably like this one too. It uses the sample in almost the same way.

The only weak spots I felt were Lyrical Gunman & Kumo no Ue no Heaven. I just wasn’t feeling those tracks as much as the rest. Other than that this is a solid collection of Hip-Hop.

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