Entertainment Interviews

An Interview with Kumiko Murayama, producer of IA

As part of 2019 Anime Weekend Atlanta’s lineup, IA will be performing “Aria”, the first musical featuring a Vocaloid act. Selective Hearing was able to sit down with the creators behind IA prior to this week’s performance to get a sneak peak of what fans can expect. […]


Interview with Wasuta at Anime North 2019

Selective Hearing had the opportunity to speak with Wasuta during Anime North to discuss topics such as their time in Canada, experiences performing overseas, goals for the future and their new album The Legend of WASUTA. […]

Aina Aiba-17
Entertainment Interviews

Aina Aiba Fansign Event at Kinokuniya New York

Selective Hearing had the opportunity to speak to her during her time in New York to discuss her first visit to the city, the Butai Shoujo series and video game and her love of professional wrestling. […]

Perfume Future Pop World Tour 2019

Interview with Perfume

Selective Hearing had the opportunity to speak to Perfume at the beginning of the international leg of their 4th world tour promoting Future Pop to discuss their thoughts on the Future Pop album, Coachella 2019 and their next plans for global expansion. […]

Morning Musume 18

Interview with Morning Musume。 ’18 at AnimeNYC

From November 16-18 2018, Morning Musume。’18 once again graced America by taking part in AnimeNYC, as well as performing at Anisong World Matsuri in New York City. During this time, Selective Hearing had the opportunity to sit down with some of the members to talk about their recent performances in North America, as well as their fervor of anime and manga. […]