The Lowdown

Selective Hearing began as a short series of articles in 2006. The music covered at the time was primarily North American/European pop and Hip-Hop and R&B music. Later that year content expanded to cover Japanese and Korean pop and various genres within electronic music.

We don’t pull any punches and we are highly opinionated when it comes to the content we cover. We aim to inform you in a direct, yet lighthearted and somewhat snarky manner with regularly updated commentaries, reviews, and podcasts.

In addition we also attend various anime and comic conventions seeking cosplay to photograph, celebs to interview and every once in a while we travel the globe and pontificate on our exploits.

The Staff

Anime Guy at Desk



Greg is the creator, administrator, editor, code monkey, overlord and general jack of all trades at Selective Hearing. He can be found lurking among the overseas Asian pop fandom and bumming around Japan every year for some reason or another.

Commander Riker


Administrator/Staff Writer

2nd in command, ToZ is Selective Hearing’s resident Urban music aficionado. He also has a keen interest in K-Pop, sneakers, Star Trek and long walks on the beach.

Kelly-Mae Image 2020

Kelly-Mae Matt

Staff Writer

A J-pop enthusiast, fan of music videos, and lover of film and writing, Kelly-Mae is Selective Hearing’s chika and mainstream idol nerd who can be found either on her own blog, Okay! Musume Time, or somewhere around YouTube.

On the off-chance she isn’t tapping her feet to J-pop, there is a chance she will be drawing, watching film theory videos, fangirling over Harry Potter merch, or playing Pokemon.

Tuxedo Mask


Staff Writer/Podcaster

Sports, WWE, J-Pop idols AKB48, H!P and Apple fanatic. He is also the nerd Ambassador for Extra Life Houston (the premier video game charity in Houston).

Hannah Avatar


Staff Writer/Podcaster

Hannah (a.k.a.AngryDaenjangny) is an all around geek, with interests in business, music, film, and just about anything else that catches her attention.

When not writing for Selective Hearing or being a stupid fangirl, she can be found devouring random finance nerd articles and chewing people out on Reddit.




Professional wrestling specialist, breeder of a multitude of Pokemon, karaoke god and wandering soul capturing moments with his camera.


Michishige Sayumi


Designer by day, wota by blood. Sherrily tries to stay objective and rational about idols. Except during Hello!Pro concerts, where it’s just impossible to stay calm. Likes to keep things tasteful.

Mr. X


Steve is a contributor and resident music nerd for Selective Hearing, specializing in Japanese idol industry commentary and coverage.

A lifetime musician, film lover, journalist, video game fanatic, philosophy enthusiast, and idol aficionado. A dweller of the idol scene since the late 1990s, he loves to discuss industry trends and ideas, past or present.


Mr. Miyagi


A fourth-generation Japanese American, Hiro is on the wrong side of 40 and shows no visible signs of fanboy behavior unless standing a few feet from an Asian celebrity while getting an autograph or handshake.

His brushes with fame include Kago Ai, Berryz Kobo, Twins, SCANDAL, and numerous Japanese puroresu legends. He hopes to add more names to that list in the near future.