Random Viewing – TakeoRey’s Movie Month Rankings – August

As the summer movie season comes to a close, it was a highly competitive month at the theaters for movie watching. Even with the ongoing drama of MoviePass, I was still able to take advantage and get in some excellent films this month. It may be a slow September coming up but then October ramps up for must watch flicks. Here’s how August shaped out in my mind. […]

Daremo Shiranai Poster

Random Viewing: Daremo Shiranai (2004)

Realist, meditative and haunting – these are the three major themes that seem to follow director Hirokazu Koreeda’s works. Daremo Shiranai is a film that harkens back to Mikio Naruse’s powerful melodramas and it would be the first of many films showcasing certain defining aesthetics that would come to be known as Koreeda’s signatures. […]