SEOULCon Announces Official K-Pop Lineup and Programming Details

SEOULCon Announces Official K-Pop Lineup and Programming Details With League of Legends World Champion T1 Team Alongside Global Brands

Cultural Event Offers Asian Entertainment Diaspora of State-Of-The-Art Technology, Interactive Netflix Programs, and More. The world’s largest influencer expo, with 3,000 teams from 50 countries participating


SEOULCon, a dynamic two-day exhibition, is set to captivate audiences by celebrating Asian entertainment and culture on December 30 and 31. Organized independently and driven by a passion for promoting diversity in creative expressions, SEOULCon aims to connect various facets of Asian music, media, technology, art, and consumer entertainment entities.

In a world where Asian influence continues to shape global pop culture, the exhibition provides a platform to unite these diverse elements into a seamless, immersive experience. SEOULCon’s attendees will explore and appreciate the rich tapestry of Asian artists and cultures, offering a multi-sensory, live event that bridges the present, the new, and the next in Asian creative expressions.

The music artist lineup consists of K-pop heavyweights such as Jay Park, APINK, ASH ISLAND, CHUNG HA, DJ Soda and LEE GIKWANG of HIGHLIGHT.

The exhibition will occur at various Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) locations, including the Art Hall, Oullim Square, and Design Lab.

It will house all the programming listed below. There will be over 20 programs created to showcase the latest lifestyle of Seoul, amongst the present and future of technology companies that are highlighted through the ‘Seoul Tech Meetup & Technology Demonstration,’ which showcases the innovative technologies of Seoul-based tech companies such as AI, robots, fintech, biotechnology, mobility, and notably popular content creators.


T1, as one of the most prominent teams, has won a record total of four League of Legends World Championship titles (2013, 2015, 2016 and 2023) and two Mid-Season Invitational titles (2016 and 2017). ‘T1 CON’, a fan meeting program of the world’s top e-sports club T1, will be held. The T1 team, including Faker, will hold an event to repay the fans who have supported them throughout the year.

SEOULCon aims to secure the ‘content industry’ as a new driving force for the Seoul economy through various programs such as the exhibition related to Hallyu content, beauty activations presenting sustainable fashion in Seoul launching shows for promising small and medium-sized enterprises, and exhibits and demonstrations of the latest technologies.

The event focuses on enhancing its competitiveness in the global social media and business lifestyle industries by showcasing invited content creators who share a common interest in SEOULCon’s initiatives and bringing them together to collaborate.

Consumer Entertainment

Popular Netflix programs such as “Single’s Inferno” and “Physical 100,” which became global sensations when they first premiered, have continued their commercial dominance and cultural omnipresence in 2023. Some cast members from both programs will participate in panels and a live Drawing Show.

Hallyu Star and Global Influencer Awards

On December 30, the Hallyu Star and Global Influencer Awards will collaborate with the 2023 APAN Star Awards for an awards ceremony featuring multiple entertainment categories, such as domestic broadcasting and OTT drama, to be attended by actors, journalists, and global influencers. Numerous Hallyu stars will attend this ceremony. The 2022 Grand Prize Winner was Song Joong-Ki from the hit Netflix series Vincenzo.

Street Fashion and Sneakers Market

Starting on December 30 for two days, the “2023 SEOULCon: ORIGINAL SEOUL” will feature numerous domestic and international street brands, presenting hip fashion trends. Each brand will showcase its latest lineups and limited-edition goods and conduct brand-specific events. Brands participating will include Musinsa, Another Shop, Kasina, Peaches, LEVI’s, and more.

2023 SEOULCon Media Trailer


On December 31, the 2023 Media Trailer will kick off its program where popular or highly anticipated content participants, including those from past successes or upcoming works, engage in experiences and talk shows with the audience. This will feature a showdown between the popular Netflix series’ Physical 100′ cast and global content creators attending. Winners of the ‘Physical 100’ program, including Woo Jin-yong and celebrities like Jo Jin-hyung and Australia Tarzan, will face off against notable creators. ‘Single’s Inferno’ participants from previous seasons, such as Oh Jin-taek, will also host relationship counselling and talk shows in a panel.

K-Pop Random Play Dance & Meet and Greet

At the DDP Oullim Square, from December 30 (Saturday) to December 31 (Sunday), the K-Pop Random Play Dance will take place, bringing together entertainment networks and domestic dance crews to collaborate; KBS, DGDG Studio and more taking part in this installation. On the 30th, T1 from League of Legends will hold a fan meeting expressing gratitude to the fans who have supported them throughout the year.

K-Pop Concert

On December 31 (Sunday) from 18:00, the highlight of the 2023 SEOULCon edition, the K-Pop Concert, will take place with some of the biggest artists in the genre currently. As the clock strikes midnight on January 1 (Monday), the celebration will continue, heating the atmosphere to welcome the year 2024. The lineup consists of Jay Park, APINK, ASH ISLAND, CHUNG HA, DJ Soda and LEE GIKWANG of HIGHLIGHT.

Notable Attending Content Creators

Anushka Sen is an Instagram influencer with an impressive 40 million followers. Representing India, Sen has been appointed as an honorary ambassador for promoting Korea as a tourist destination, expressing her aspiration to be a bridge connecting Korea and India.

Kika Kim, born to Korean parents in Russia, has amassed 36 million followers on TikTok since she began creating.

Attendees can look forward to musical artist showcases, captivating dances and various content experiences. SEOULCon promises a unique and immersive experience, bringing together enthusiasts to celebrate the richness of Korean arts in the heart of Seoul.


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