Game Review: Luigi’s Mansion 3

Back in 2001, when Nintendo launched the GameCube console, the star of its launch lineup was a new IP from the Mario universe, in the form of the first Luigi’s Mansion game, a side-story where Luigi ends up in a mansion with a darker, horror-type setting, tasked with fighting off ghosts to rescue his friends. Fast forward 18 years, and here we are in 2019 with the follow-up to the 2013 3DS game. […]

Blair Witch

Game Review: Blair Witch

Steve takes a look at the new game based on the movie franchise of the same name. Does it stand apart in the survival horror genre or fall flat? […]

Devil My Cry 5

Game Review: Devil May Cry 5

Steve takes a look at the new long-awaited sequel in the DMC series, seeing how it stacks up to its predecessors as well as its modern peers. […]


Game Review: Castlevania Requiem

Konami has re-released some of the Castlevania games for a new platform yet again. Does this collection live up to the hype or is it just another lazy remaster? […]