2020 Fire

Selective Hearing Radio Ep 49: Looking Back On 2020

As we head into our 15th year anniversary, Selective Hearing’s Greg and Allen get together with special guest, Ellis Tan of LSTkpop. Join us on a little slice of life episode of the podcast as we celebrate a little Festivus, discuss what happened in our lives in 2020, what forms of media we enjoyed, and what we look forward to in 2021. […]


IZ*ONE – COLOR*IZ Kihno Version Review

Selective Hearing’s resident WIZ*ONE, Allen, is curious about Kihno devices and has a chance to play with one with the release of IZ*ONE’s debut mini album, COLOR*IZ. What are his thoughts after getting his hands on his first Kihno kit? Let’s find out. […]


Random Viewing – TakeoRey’s Movie Month Rankings – August

As the summer movie season comes to a close, it was a highly competitive month at the theaters for movie watching. Even with the ongoing drama of MoviePass, I was still able to take advantage and get in some excellent films this month. It may be a slow September coming up but then October ramps up for must watch flicks. Here’s how August shaped out in my mind. […]