E-Girls – One Two Three Review

E-girls One Two Three Cover

Release Date: April 18, 2012

Track Listing

  1. One Two Three
  2. Tadaima
  3. E-Girls Anthem
  4. One Two Three (Instrumental)
  5. Tadaima (Instrumental)


EXILE’s E-Girls (Dream, Flower, Happiness) second single continues the trend set by their debut Celebration. Meaning you get another up tempo Dance/Pop song that many of the groups that make up the E-Girls can do in their sleep.

Does that mean it’s a bad song? Not at all, it’s a fairly catchy track that is reminiscent of late 90’s/early 2000’s American or British Pop. To be honest I was thinking that this would be something that I would normally hear from S Club 7.

Whether that detracts you from listening to this song depends on your opinion of that kind of pop music I guess. The b-sides on this single are  unfortunately not as strong and neither really manages to capture one’s attention as much as the a-side. Both are passable enough but not exactly worth repeated listens.

While not exactly the greatest thing out of the EXILE camp this single does show that the E-Girls are heading in a different direction than many other female groups. I would cringe if they tried to do cutesy idol songs since that doesn’t fit they style of any of the groups involved in this project. Given who their hanging with, there can only be better things to come should this continue.

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