Interview with Trish Stratus and Amy Dumas

Trish & Lita

Trish Stratus and Amy Dumas

Interview date: April 19, 2015

Trish Stratus and Amy Dumas are two women who have left an indelible mark in the world of professional wrestling. Both are multiple-time WWE Women’s champions and WWE Hall of Fame members, with Trish being inducted in 2013 and Amy inducted in 2014.

Their success continues out of the squared circle, with Trish Stratus launching her award-winning yoga studio Stratusphere in 2008. Amy Dumas embarked on a music career by forming the band The Luchagores, becoming a DJ host for Project961’s PunkRockAlypse and hosting her show Amy’s Discordia on SFMTV.

They were guests at the recent 2015 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. We had an opportunity to discuss wrestling, music, yoga, their time in Calgary and many interesting facts about vegetables.

You are both known as strong female role models in professional wrestling. Have you passed on lessons to the current generation of female wrestlers?

Trish: We haven’t had much contact with these girls. It’s a new era for the most part, right?

Amy: Sure. I don’t know. You might have to ask them if we passed on any lessons to them.

Trish: We would like to think they have taken stuff from what we’ve done. I’m not in touch with any of these girls. The last generation that just sort of left, the Nattie (Natalya Neidhart) and Beth (Phoenix) era, I certainly had a lot of contact with them and chatted about things. Professional wrestling is a difficult road to navigate at times, so it’s nice to be sort of an oldie, a veteran in the business and pass things on, you know.

Amy: A mentor. A young mentor.

Trish: A young mentor who is not old.

Never ages.

Trish: Never.

This question is for Trish. To get fit, should I take Stratusphere Yoga or DDP Yoga?

Trish: The answer is Stratusphere Yoga. However, I think he’s (Diamond Dallas Page) doing some great stuff, and you can supplement with both. Have you tried any Yoga at all?

I tried Pilates once, and I almost broke myself.

Trish: We like Pilates. Go to Trish There are DVDs you can check out and send me feedback on; I’d love to hear them.

I’ll tell you if I break and tweet you from my hospital bed. So, Amy, you were formerly a member of the punk rock band the Luchagores.

Amy: I have done that, yes.

At this point in the interview, Amy picked up a piece of broccoli from her vegetable cup and asked Trish to sniff it, distracting said interviewer for a few moments.

Does it smell good?

Trish: Broccoli, broccoli. Methane, methane. Methane gas. (said while giggling)

Amy: He’s easily distracted by this one. The people won’t know what’s going on without describing it.

They were indeed sniffing broccoli.

So, Amy, I was wondering if you have any punk rock bands you could recommend to our readers.

Amy: Sure, plenty of punk rock bands. For your readers or listeners?


Amy: Are you going to transcribe this?


Both: So you might want to put in brackets “while sniffing me-thane infused broccoli she replied.” (said while laughing)

Break for laughter

Amy: This is probably not a common answer, but if you were to start with one band in the punk rock genre, I would go with Bad Brains.

Bad Brains, sweet. Just one band?

Amy: They have a large catalogue, that’s what I’m going to go with. I don’t want to overwhelm your readers.

They’re willing to absorb a lot. So which album should we start with?

Amy: Banned in D.C.


After answering the question, Amy puts a piece of broccoli up my nose.

Amy: What is your take on the smell of this broccoli?

It doesn’t smell like broccoli at all.

Amy: It doesn’t smell like broccoli, right? It kind of smells like apple juice, I think.

Trish: It’s methane. Broccoli also expels the same gas as methane. It’s true. It is a gaseous vegetable. If you eat it you may become gaseous.

Amy: Cruciferous vegetables, in general, do that.

So we’ve learned that vegetables will make you gassy.

Both: Cruciferous only.

My last question is, how are you enjoying your time in Calgary?

Trish: We’re having an amazing time. We love it here. We had some good food and enjoyed the people. And the weather hasn’t been too bad.

Amy: There was a bit of a blustery wind

Trish: In the parade, it was really cold.

Amy: I asked a Canadian if I needed a jacket to let my dog out. They said, “No, there’s a really warm breeze; it’s nice.” I was freezing. I’m from America; never ask a Canadian if it’s cold outside. Period.

Trish: Also, when it’s cold, and your hair is dishevelled, you can usually count on a Canadian to have a toque in her purse. But we are enjoying Calgary, and the best thing is to hang out with my bestie.

Amy: (end article.)

Trish: (she said with a smile)

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We would like to thank the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo media relations department, Trish Stratus and Amy Dumas, for the interview.

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