Jung Kook feat. Latto – Seven (Selective Hearing Remix)

Seven is the debut English-language digital single from BTS member Jung Kook, featuring American rapper Latto. The original version has a UK R&B/2-Step groove reminiscent of the early 2000s, which inspires the instrumental.

I wasn’t planning on doing any other remixes this year, but I came across the vocals for Seven and figured, why not give it a go? Given that the original composition was already in a style I usually go to, I felt that going that well would not yield fruitful results.

Instead, I went with the reliable four-on-the-floor dance music for my remix. I listened to all the official remixes and noticed many were missing that clubby vibe. The only exception is the David Guetta remix. So, I constructed a Pop-House dance floor-friendly instrumental around Jung Kook and Latto’s vocals. It was a challenge, but I put my twist on Seven successfully.

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