Matsui Jurina – Kmt Dance Review

Matsui Jurina Kmt Dance

Release Date: August 28, 2019

Track Listing

  1. Kmt Dance


Matsui Jurina is set to make her solo debut with her first studio album Privacy. The album’s title has to do with Matsui’s difficulty of having to live her life in the public eye as an idol, with privacy being one of the things she must sacrifice.

The first release from her upcoming album is Kmt Dance. A song produced by Yoshimasa Inou, a long time AKB48 collaborator who also created hits for 80’s idols such as Miho Nakayama, Kyoko Koizumi and HIkaru Genji. With that in mind Kmt Dance does have a nostalgic kind of sound with its pounding Euro club beats making it perfectly fine for those who desire a bit of a throwback to a different era in dance music.

When it comes to the vocals? Well that’s where this song falls very short of the mark. One can describe Matsui as ambitious, tenacious and probably a little too intense for her own good. However, vocal diva is probably not a valid description for her.

Sure she’s above average for the 48’s vocally (take that as you will) and her deficiencies are well masked by the choral style of singing the group does. But put her by herself and it’s a different story. In a way she is similar to Itano Tomomi where a wall of sound and production trickery is needed to distract from the fact that you are listening to a limited vocalist.

If you can get past all that then you may find Kmt Dance to be a decent but ultimately forgettable 4 minutes of pop music.


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