Perfume – Cosmic Explorer Review

PERFUME Cosmic Explorer

Release Date: April 6, 2014

Track Listing

  1. Navigate
  2. Cosmic Explorer
  3. Miracle Worker
  4. Next Stage With You
  5. Story
  6. Flash (Cosmic Explorer Version)
  7. Sweet Refrain (Cosmic Explorer Version)
  8. Baby Face
  9. Tokimeki Lights (Cosmic Explorer Version)
  10. Star Train (Cosmic Explorer Version)
  11. Relax in the City
  12. Pick Me Up
  13. Cling Cling (Cosmic Explorer Version)
  14. Hold Your Hand


COSMIC EXPLORER is the fifth studio album by Perfume and features seven songs from their previously released singles, starting from 2013’s Sweet Refrain to their 2016 digital single FLASH.

This is much like every other Japanese album release, consisting of a collection of familiar singles and b-sides, right? Thankfully Perfume does not leave their fans hanging, and there are plenty of new songs to take in. While not as abundant in new material as their previous album, LEVEL 3, there’s probably enough to keep the Perfume die-hards satisfied or at least pacified until their next single is released.

The other thing that listeners may notice is that this is a kinder and gentler Perfume. It’s not like they are the thugs of the Electro Pop world, but there is a noticeably lesser number of speaker-blasting dance floor thumpers this time around. Story, Pick Me Up, and FLASH seem to be the only tracks that truly fit that particular billing. Cling Cling could also be considered to fit in that category as well.

Instead of being pounded with beats and bass, you are treated to lighter fare such as the album’s title track, Next Stage With You, Baby Face and Hold Your Hand. COSMIC EXPLORER does feel more restrained compared to Perfume’s past albums. Whether this is by design or chance, it is a nice change of pace, and perhaps this signals an evolution of the group’s overall sound. Whether that all appeal to you? Well, if you have a passing interest in Perfume, this might not exactly rock your world as much as those who have a more vested interest in them.

This album is a no-brainer if you are of the cult of Perfume. I think that it’s not the best among their 5 albums, but it’s still worth dedicating some time to give it a quick listen to see if anything catches your ear.

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