RAM – Ram. Review

Ram. CD Cover

Release Date: June 22, 2016

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Girls Party feat. Kayzabro (DS455), DJ DEEQUITE
  3. Let’s Move On feat. KOWICHI
  4. Break Up Shite feat. AYA a.k.a. PANDA
  5. Pain Pain Go Away feat. HOKT (N.C.B.B.)
  6. Love Sign feat. Cherry Brown, MC Tyson
  7. It’s Alright feat. AK-69, YOUNG DAIS (N.C.B.B.), DJ GO, Ram


Ramu Fukuno is a former member of the AKB48 sub-unit DiVA. In her previous role she was a backing dancer. She now arrives front and center as a solo artist under the moniker of RAM.

Her self-titled debut EP is a foray into R&B with all 7 tracks produced by DJ PMX and features collaborations with various members of the Japanese R&B and Hip-Hop scene including AK-69, KOWICHI and Cherry Brown.

If you are familiar with DJ PMX you will probably be aware that his productions have a strong influence from the G-Funk era of American Hip-Hop. On this album, that is toned down in favor of a more contemporary Hip-Pop backdrop for RAM.

Given that RAM was never a vocalist in DiVA it’s hard to really compare her past work with what she’s doing here. For what it’s worth, her voice (when it’s not auto-tuned) sounds like it fits well within the urban music genre and she doesn’t sound out of place over the beats provided for her.

Other than the beats there’s not much that makes this EP stand out. Much like other albums in the genre, there are too many guest appearances overshadowing the main vocalist. It feels more like RAM is the one who is the guest on her own album at times.

If none of that bothers you than there are some bumping tracks you can turn up to 11 in your media player or car. Girls Party makes effective use of a sample of Cameo’s Candy. The promotional songs Let’s Move On and It’s Alright are also worth giving quick listens to gauge whether the rest of the EP is worth your time.



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