Random Viewing: Produce 48 Episodes 5 & 6

Produce 48

Episode 5 of Produce 48 revealed the first group of members to be cut from the program. Ranks 1 to 58 advanced to the second round while 59 – 92 were sent home. Much like other music reality shows this episode was high on filler and dragged out the results as much as possible.

There was not much to recap so the short of it was most of the featured girls from episodes 3 and 4 made it to the second round. Although some of them ranked lower than they expected. In the end Lee Ka Eun was ranked first by the national producers and Sato Minami ended up being the member who just made the cut at 58th place.

Episode 6 had Soyou give the remaining 58 trainees their second assignment, a position evaluation. This time the trainees had their choice of positions. Vocal/Rap or Dance. The lower ranked trainees had first dibs on the positions and their associated songs.

That sounded great to them until the catch was announced. After everyone from 58 – 13 made their choices they were at risk of being bumped to an unknown song by the members of the top 12. The lowest ranked in each song being the ones who were most vulnerable.

Sorry Not Sorry was a popular song among the top 12 pushing many of lower ranked ones out quickly.
After all the groups were formed the remaining songs were revealed. For vocal/rap it was BoA’s Meri Kuri and for dance it was Jax Jones’ Instruction.

The benefits for this assignment were that the first place trainee from each song got 5000 bonus votes. In addition the trainees who placed first in every position overall were awarded 100,000 votes.


The competition for lead vocal was intense for the team performing Energetic with Yu Ri and Go Eun wanting to show the national producers more than what they have been allowed to display so far. Jo Yu Ri won the coveted center position after a majority vote of 2 to 1.


During the lessons the trainers felt Go Eun was better suited for the center position. Instead of changing centers it was decided that it would be best to fo Yu Ri and Go Eun to split lead vocal duties.

The result of their live was a stripped down version of the song that allowed Yu Ri and Go Eun to show off their vocals and gave Yamada Noe a chance to show off her rap skills. Yu Ri placed first in her group.


Kang Hye Won was part of the group performing Heize’s Don’t Know You. The members of her team were confident in their abilities except for her. She encountered writers block upon discovering she had to write her own rap lyrics to the song.


With help from her team members and encouragement from Cheetah she was able to overcome her difficulties in writing and performing her rap on stage. The other revelation in this group was Cho Won who was complimented by the trainers for her vocals. She also made a lot of trainees take notice of her as well.

Their interpretation of Don’t Know You was the best performance of this episode in my opinion. They looked like a full fledged girl group out there. Hye Won placed third in her group with Cho Won taking first.


The group of low ranking trainees who were pushed out into performing Meri Kuri were not confident at all. Under the direction of Hae Yoon their spirits were lifted to the point where they believed in themselves.


During the practices the were praised by the trainers for their teamwork. This performance of Meri Kuri was likely the last for some of the members in this group. It was a beautiful swan song that made the trainers proud of their hard work. The two main vocalists Park Hae Yoon and Yoon Hae Sol placed first and second in their group respectively.

It really is a shame that the majority of the members in this grouping will most likely not make the next round of cuts.

On the dance side it came down to a competition between Ka Eun and Sian to center Ariana Grande’s Side to Side. The team voted Sian as center giving her the opportunity to show her charms to the national producers.


In rehearsals the trainers felt Sian lacked the charisma to be the center. Her team members came together to help build her confidence. Even though she put on a good live performance she placed last in her group. Surprisingly Shiroma Miru placed first.


The Sorry Not Sorry team was considered The Avengers group of this assignment with their make up of strong dancers. None of them made center in the first assignment so competition for that position was fierce. In the end Eun Bi won the majority vote.


They were the last to perform on this episode and the practices showed that they had some early struggles. They put in too much content into their routine that resulted in a mess of movement with no cohesion.

It was back to the drawing board to give fair center time to each member and to allow all of them to contribute their own creative flair to the final product.

In the end they lived up to their reputation of the team to watch and that made it difficult to figure where each member would rank. Kwon Eun Bi ended up taking first in her group with the dancing machine Lee Chae Yeon unexpectedly ranking third.

That ends episode six. Next up are the remaining performances and the announcement of the rankings of the national producers who attended the live show.

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