Random Viewing: Queendom Episode 07

With the retreat over the final results of the vocal and performance unit’s hard work were finally put on display. First up to bat were Bom and Jung. Hyojung was hoping to rank in first place and create a memorable performance with Bom.

With the lights dimmed on the stage the performance of “Scarecrow” began with Hyojung’s soft vocals. She had the audience and the other competitors instantly hanging on her every word.

When Bom’s turn to sing came up her voice cut through loud and clear with emotion that started to bring the feels out of everyone watching. She was clearly was tugging at the heartstrings of the listeners. And her own as well as she broke down at the end of the performance struggling to finish her vocals.

Everyone watching felt like crying at the end as well.

The second unit to the hit the stage was the team of Aa (Hyejeong and Minnie). Both were very nervous before their performance. Given that they were so indecisive leading up to this stage they were unsure about whether they could pull it off.

They really had nothing to worry about as they did just fine. Minnie and Hyejeong’s vocals complimented each other perfectly. The minimalist beginning set out to feature both of their voices to great effect. Once they got to the jazzy part of the song there was more opportunity to really show off what they were capable of.


Their harmonizing and ad-libs had their respective groups and the other competitors giving them props. Once they were off stage Hyejeong and Minnie hugged it out for a job well done.

95 (Hwasa & Kei) were the final vocal unit to perform. This odd couple no one was expecting formed a quick bond and chemistry. This in turn had many looking forward to this stage the most after seeing what they could do after covering “Senorita” at the retreat.

There were some hiccups during their dress rehearsal that left them unsatisfied with what they would show the audience. They held a quick meeting to change up parts of the choreography to make things less awkward.

The moment Hwasa started singing had Minnie and Babysoul amazed at her voice. Kei also surprised with the maturity of her voice and how it matched up with Hwasa’s huskier tone. 

When their performance was over they left the stage hugging and linking arms amid a myriad of cheers from the audience and their fellow competitors.

The members of the performance unit were the last to hit the stage. Each member was given time to show off their individual charms.

Yein’s contemporary dance to the soundtrack of Sympathy of Lady Vengeance was first. Her goal going into this was to emphasize her strengths of soft movement. She accomplished that by giving a dramatic performance that the other competitors described as similar to watching a movie.

Soojin was next. Her vibe was all sorts of sexy which was the complete opposite of her shy personality. She had the other competitors and the audience screaming during her short time on stage.


Chanmi followed up with her interrogation dance routine. Unlike the two members before her she showed off a powerful side emphasized by a leap from a table to the stage. When her time was done she had her fellow AOA members and those from Oh My Girl popping off back stage.

Yooa’s female mafia boss persona came to life while performing to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”. That had her fellow group members marking out immediately. She showed no signs of her previous ankle injury hindering her here. Her quick foot work and smooth movement had everyone hyped for her faithful rendition of the choreography.


Moonbyul was the final member to hit the stage. Her routine was comprised of a lot of masculine Hip-Hop movements. Given what she had indicated she wanted to perform in the retreat this fit her perfectly.

With all the members individual performances out of the way it was hard for anyone to call who would win.


For the group dance the members did not have many opportunities to practice together in the same room to learn the choreography. There was some concern that they would not be as cohesive when it came to show time as they were not in sync during rehearsals the day of the performance.


The final performance revealed the stand-in for Park Bom, Brave Girl’s Eun Ji. Unlike at rehearsal the members were completely in sync. When it was over they left with a sense of accomplishment and memories of a fun performance that made them forget they were in a competition.

And that ended episode 7 of Queendom. Even though all the performances were great the clear winners of this round were 95 and Yooa. They were way above everyone else. The next episode will continue with the second part of this round called Fandora’s Box.


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