Red Velvet IRENE & SEULGI – Monster Review

IRENE & SEULGI Monster Cover Art

Release Date: July 6, 2020

Track Listing

  1. Monster
  2. Diamond
  3. Feel Good
  4. Jelly
  5. Uncover (sung by SEULGI)


The last release from Red Velvet was the repackage of their ReVe Festival mini-albums called The ReVe Festival ‘Finale’ back in 2019. The group’s first release of 2020 comes from their sub-unit of IRENE & SEULGI. Their debut EP called Monster features the title track as its lead single.

What you get on Monster is mostly the “Velvet” side of Red Velvet. The only exception is the “Red” side represented by the title track, which is is the opening song on this EP. This dubstep influenced song works well with the lyrics that speak of a woman’s inner desires manifesting in the form of a monster taking over her lover’s body in his sleep and penetrating his dreams. As a lead song, it is somewhat deceptive as the remainder of the album is all R&B and Pop focused. But it’s an excellent start to the EP regardless.

After Monster, there are plenty of catchy songs to absorb. What grabs your attention will depend on your tastes and how much you enjoy the Red Velvet’s “Velvet” side. For the sake of recommending something, I would say the final two songs, Jelly and Uncover are some fantastic ear candy and are worth repeated listens. But to be honest, the remainder of the album is just one banger after another.

The final song worth making a note of is the follow-up to Monster released later in July called Naughty. This song is technically part of the EP but is a solo digital single release when you look it up on streaming sites.

Unlike the title track, Naughty falls more in line with the other songs around it. Its jacking dance beat and deep bassline make it fit within the whole Urban Pop vibe that makes up the “Velvet” sound. I like this song a lot more than Monster as a single since I feel it represents the remainder of the album more accurately.

The only flaw I can find with this album is that it’s too damn short. I was left wanting so much more good stuff from this sub-unit, given how great everything was. Other than that small issue, Monster can be considered one of the better summer releases and is highly recommended listening.


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