Rocket Punch – BLUE PUNCH Review

Rocket Punch BLUE PUNCH Cover

Release Date: August 4, 2020

Track Listing

    2. JUICY
    4. One Summer Night
    6. THE THE


Woollim Entertainment’s Rocket Punch returned to active duty with their third EP titled BLUE PUNCH. There is a healthy summer theme throughout the album as exemplified by the lead single Juicy.

Juicy as a lead single is Rocket Punch’s weakest in their short discography. It lacks the impact of their previous a-sides and sounds more like a sad attempt dropping some summer heat. It’s a nice try, but it falls short of being something memorable.

Once you get past Juicy, the quality improves. The remainder of the album is a much better fit for the theme Rocket Punch is following for this release. SUMMER PUNCH!, TWINKLE STAR and THE THE are definitely more along the lines of what one would expect when it comes to a summer type of song.

Other than Juicy being on the weak sauce side, BLUE PUNCH is more of the same goodness from Rocket Punch. Whether that is a positive or not will depend if you want this group to try something outside of their established comfort zone. If you’re totally fine with what they’re doing then BLUE PUNCH should satisfy your Rocket Punch thirst quite nicely.

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