That’s My Jam: Craig David – Born To Do It

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Craig David Born To Do It

Release Date: August 14, 2000

Track Listing

  1. Fill Me In
  2. Can’t Be Messing Round
  3. Rendezvous
  4. 7 Days
  5. Follow Me
  6. Last Night
  7. Walking Away
  8. Time To Party
  9. Booty Man
  10. Once In A Lifetime
  11. You Know What
  12. Rewind


Craig David. A name that may be familiar to some R&B heads. The English singer/songwriter first rose to fame due to his 1999 collaboration Re-Rewind with UK Garage act Artful Dodger. A year after that single, he released his debut album Born To Do It.

His debut single Fill Me In made him the youngest solo artist at the time to peak at number one on the UK singles chart. This also garnered him a high of 15 on the US Billboard charts. After listening to the track it’s not hard to figure out why this hit big.

At its heart Fill Me In is a R&B song but thanks to the skittering 2-Step beats and tempo changes from the verses to chorus it sounds fresher than the typical early 2000’s R&B fare. The rest of the singles from this album are more typical of the R&B sound. Of the bunch, 7 Days was the most successful worldwide garnering him a Grammy nomination in 2003.

The subject matter of the song is not very subtle and talks mainly about a whole lot of fucking until Mr. David and his lady friend decide to “chill on Sunday.” The other release worth making note of is Walking Away. It shows a much softer side to Craig David with its uplifting and self empowering lyrics.

The album cuts consist of a mix of smooth mid-tempo songs and bedroom boom soundtrack ballads. The only exception is Can’t Be Messing ‘Round which is the closest thing you’ll get to a pure club styled track. Thankfully none of the remaining 7 tracks are filler and instead provide a solid sound bed of consistent songs that re-enforce the R&B groove. Sorry, but the whole 2-Step thing started with Fill Me In was a clever rouse.

As you go through Born To Do It you quickly realize this is all about the R&B groove. That may disappoint those who were expecting a full UK Garage/2-Step onslaught but to be honest that would have made this album a one trick pony and aged it significantly these many years later. So it’s a good thing that many of these songs sound just as timeless as when they were first released upon the world.

For the crate diggers out there, seek out the 4 singles that were released from this album as there are gems of Hip-Hop and 2-Step remixes included on those packages. Most of them are out of print now but keep an eye out for them on your next excursion to your local record shop.

Here a few of the better remixes to encourage your search.

7 Days (DJ Premier Remix feat. Mos Def)

Rendezvous (Blacksmith RnB Rerub feat. Know ?uestion)

Walking Away (Ignorants Remix)

Born To Do It


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